Fred Munzenmaier is up to 7 Offers

Norcross (GA) High School fullback Fred Munzenmaier is receiving a lot of recruiting interest with more possibly on the way.

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After receiving numerous recruiting calls during the month of May, Norcross High School fullback Fred Munzenmaier had to know he would be a popular fullback on the recruiting scene. Well, if he didn't know, he sure found out once the offers started rolling in.

"Duke, Georgia Tech, UConn, Navy, Mississippi State, Miami-Ohio and Colorado have all offered," said the 6-1.5, 230-pounder. "Honestly, most of the offers that have come along I had no idea that they were coming. They just kind of happened."

After attending several college football camps at Georgia, Vanderbilt and Alabama, does he have any kind of feeling as to whether any of those colleges may also extend offers?

"With the ones where I have attended camps, their coaches pretty much sit down with you and tell you where you honestly fit on their (recruiting) board," explained Munzenmaier. "Usually, there will be 3 or 4 other fullbacks that they are looking at. Then, they will sit down after all the camps and watch the tapes and evaluate them. They aren't through with that entire process, yet. So, you get a feeling that there is a 1 in 4 chance or something like that, because there are a few other guys on the board."

Since he now knows many of the schools that are interested in him, does he have a list of colleges that he is most interested in?

"I don't have a specific order, but I really like Mississippi State, Georgia, Alabama, Auburn and Duke," he said "Mainly, my interest is in the SEC, but Duke is such a good school, it's kind of hard to just let something like that get away."

What are the things that he likes about each of his favorites?

"Georgia is great because it is right here where I am," said Munzenmaier. "And I've also grown up being a Georgia fan because my sister went there. So, it's kind of a childhood dream of mine.

"As for Alabama, I love Tuscaloosa and the coaches are really great guys. Their facilities are great and I have a few friends there. It's just a really great place.

"I feel like Auburn's offense is the kind that I would fit in best just because they do a few more plays where they have their fullback running the ball and catching it out of the backfield.

"I like Duke mainly for the education that I would get.

"I'm just starting to learn a little more about Mississippi State. Obviously, they are in the SEC, which is big for me. I haven't learn much about them, but it's one of my bigger offers, so far. So, I'm interested and I'm trying to learn more about them."

When did he first learn that Mississippi State was seriously interested in him?

"(MSU assistant) Coach (Shane) Beamer called me," he said. "He came to our school in May. Then, I received a phone call from him and we talked about family life and interests such as football. And a little bit about Mississippi State. It wasn't so much talking about what kind of football player I am, but us just trying to get to know each other better."

When did he receive his Mississippi State offer? And did Coach Beamer mentioned where he fit on their recruiting board?

"I believe they offered me during that conversation," said Munzenmaier, who rushed for 737 yards as a junior. "He said that they like me a lot and are just trying to fill their fullback spot. They gave me the offer, so I'm guessing that means I'm up at the top somewhere."

As for making a final decision, that's going to have to wait due to how quickly all this has happened to him.

"To be honest with you, I haven't really thought about which place most interests me right now, because all this started much sooner than I expected," said Munzenmaier, who describers himself as a power-type runner who likes to go north and south. "Of my friends that have gotten college scholarships, it happened after their senior year. Really, with all my offers, I didn't really start to look into (the colleges) until after I received them."

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