MSU QB Signee Ty Evans

Mississippi State quarterback signee freshman Ty Evans talked about the summer conditioning and his personal hopes for the upcoming fall football season.

Ty Evans Profile

What is your height, weight and position?
"I am 6-3, 200 and play quarterback."

What did you do during the first part of the summer?
"I did the (workout) program that (MSU head strength) Coach (Jim) Nowell gave to us. I did that during the week and I played a little fullcourt basketball on Sundays. I did that to help me get my feet quicker."

Have you seen any improvements during the summer?
"Yes sir, I have. I had surgery in December, so I had no way to go but up. But I feel that I have gone past where I started from last season. And I feel I'm better, physically, than where I was last season."

What kind of surgery was it?
"I had a bursectomy. I'm 100% now."

[What is bursectomy surgery? The definition from The primary aim of the surgical treatment of shoulder impingement is to make more space available for the tendons of the rotator cuff. Enlarging, or "decompressing" the space between the acromion and the head of the humerus can relieve the symptoms of impingement. Removing a part of the acromion can stop the tendons of the rotator cuff from rubbing on the bone. This type of surgery is called an acromioplasty. Because inflammation in the subacromial bursa contributes to the pain of impingement syndrome, this lubricating sack is often removed. This part of the procedure is called a bursectomy or a debridement. These two procedures together are called a sub-acromial decompression. In general, the recovery from this surgery is usually quite quick. Ty had the bursectomy portion of these two surgeries.- Gene]

What do you hope to accomplish during the second summer session of workouts?
"I guess meet and get to know as many of my teammates as I can, including the upper classmen and freshmen. I still don't know all the freshmen."

Have the MSU coaches mentioned where you fit into the fall quarterback puzzle?
"Not yet."

What are your hopes for the fall football season. You probably think about it sometimes at night. What do you dream about?
"I think about it every night. My dreams are to be on the field against Murray State, but that is, like I said, a dream. I've never practiced with these guys before, so I don't know what will happen in two-a-days when practice starts. But I'm going to try to work harder than anybody else out here and try to earn my position just like everybody else."

Are you taking classes this summer?
"Yes sir, I'm taking Fundamentals of Public Speaking and Personal Health. I'm also taking (the workout) class."

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