MSU WR Signee Aubrey Bell

Mississippi State freshman wide receiver signee Aubrey Bell talked about the summer conditioning and his personal hopes for the upcoming fall football season.

Aubrey Bell Profile

What is your height and weight?
"6-2, 205."

What did you try to accomplish during the first part of the summer?
"I did the workout that (MSU head strength coach Jim Nowell) sent us. And going back to my old high school and working out and running with them so that I could stay in shape."

What do you hope to accomplish during the second summer session of workouts?
"I've been trying to work on my downfield blocking because that is a part of my game that I needed to work on."

What do you want to try and improve during the second summer session of workouts?
"I want to try to get stronger and faster before school starts and the season gets here. That way, I'll be up to par with the guys that have already been here."

As far as you personally, what would be your best fantasy for the upcoming football season?
"Of course, to win a national championship."

What about you personally?
"If I don't start, I'll come in and get some playing time, so next year I can start. But I want to start right off."

Has your position coach said anything to you about playing this fall?
"Yes sir, he said if I come in and learn the system, then maybe I can play."

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