Notes From Friday's Football Workout

Notes from Friday's football weight-lifting and conditioning workout.

  • If you have been reading David Murray's writeups and articles, you know that senior center Chris McNeil has a torn hamstring. Although he was able to lift weights and run the half-gassers during the workout, he is still being restricted as he recovers from the tear. He didn't do the agility drills Thursday afternoon and he was told to take it easy doing the half-gassers. He still made all his times, but he stayed in the first third of his group. Normally, he would be leading the pack. BTW, to Chris' credit, he had the trainers work on his injured hamstring 2 to 3 times a day in the hope that it would allow him to heal that much faster. It obviously worked.
  • I mentioned Friday that Chris McNeil broad pressed 550 pounds during the Friday workout. I didn't tell you that redshirt freshman Dio Herrera come close to doing the same thing, lifted a mere 25 pounds less than Chris. If this guy can transfer his workouts to the football field, he will be as good as he wants to be.
  • Chris and Dio, during the 21 half-gassers they did after the weight lifting, ran together. Chris is having an influence on this young, but talented lineman.
  • Three other linemen really stood out during the half-gassers - redshirt freshman defensive end Jeremy Jones, junior defensive lineman Avery Hannibal and true freshman defensive end Quinton Wesley. They were the three leaders in the linemen group that did the half-gassers. All three led in all 21. Quinton, who I wrote about in my freshman writeup a few days ago, is a player that will be interesting to watch once the actual practices start. If he, like Dio, finds a way to transfer his conditioning to the football field, he can really be special. How well Jeremy Jones did in the half-gassers was probably the biggest surprise of the workout. I remember when he came in last fall. He was injured and appeared to be out of condition. That's definitely not the case any longer.
  • A player that appears to have come a long way from last year is redshirt freshman quarterback Michael Henig. He no longer looks like a young high schooler. He has added muscle and is in tip-top running condition. In fact, he was one of the leaders in his group during the half-gassers.
  • Although I'll probably miss a few, there were quite a few other players that really stood out during the half-gassers - Marcus Evans, freshman Jarvis Kyles, freshman Charles Burns (he was just behind the three guys I mentioned above), freshman Tray Rutland, Jason Husband, Anthony Littlejohn, Quinton Culberson, Casey Rogers, Jerious Norwood (he got better on each half-gasser), Brooks Crabtree, Keith Andrews Kentrel Brooks, freshman Jimmy Miller, Adam Carlson and Demarcus Johnson.

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