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Bulldog Baseball

Former Mississippi State pitcher Jay Powell was making a successful comeback from Tommy John surgery on his elbow and pitching well for the Atlanta Braves before he suffered a severe injury to that same elbow Friday night.
Injuries happen at unfortunate times
The Commercial Dispatch

There was only one reaction after learning the news concerning former Mississippi State standout Rafael Palmeiro on Monday afternoon.
News on Palmeiro disappointing to get a grip on
The Commercial Dispatch

When news broke Monday that Rafael Palmeiro tested positive for steroid use, his college coach was quick to offer support.
Polk still supports Palmeiro
The Daily Journal

SAY it ain't so Raffy. Please, please, a thousand times pleeeeeeze, say it ain't so.
Raffy's fall extremely bitter for loyal fans
The Clarion Ledger

STARKVILLE - Mississippi State baseball coach Ron Polk was giving two players a tour Monday of the indoor practice facility called the Rafael Palmeiro Center.
'I'm in a quandary,' MSU baseball coach says
The Clarion Ledger

BALTIMORE - Depending on whom you ask, Rafael Palmeiro's claim that he unwittingly took something to cause a positive test for steroids is either plausible - or laughable.
Supplement use dicey venture for athletes
The Sun Herald

NEW YORK - Rafael Palmeiro's positive steroid test was for stanozolol, a powerful anabolic steroid that is not available in dietary supplements, according to a newspaper report.
Report: Palmeiro positive for stanozolol
The Sun Herald

At the top is Rafael Palmeiro, who may have been juiced up even as he poked his finger in the air for emphasis while telling Congress that he never took steroids. Palmeiro seemed convincing then, but he wasn't on Monday when he proclaimed his innocence, then danced around the ugly details.
Sportsview: Who You Gonna Believe?
The Sun Herald

CLEVELAND - Stung by suspicion himself, New York Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi expressed concern and compassion for Rafael Palmeiro, the Baltimore Orioles slugger who was suspended 10 days for testing positive for steroids.
Giambi expresses concern for Palmeiro
The Sun Herald

Just a few months ago, Baltimore Orioles first baseman Rafael Palmeiro cast a glare at a congressional panel and told the world he never used steroids.
Palmeiro's image takes a substantial hit
The Sun Herald

If the magnitude of the news didn't hit Ron Polk because of where he was when he heard it, the Mississippi State coach realized it when he got back to his office.
Palmeiro to miss 10 games for steroids
The Sun Herald

JACKSON - Mississippi State coach Ron Polk was inside the practice facility named for Rafael Palmeiro on Monday when he learned the former Bulldogs slugger was suspended for violating Major League Baseball's steroids policy.
College coach supports Palmeiro '100 percent'
Hattiesburg American

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