Pics of New and Improved MSU Facilities

Enclosed are pictures of various additions to and renovations of building on the Mississippi State campus that are either currently being worked on or will have work begin within a year. The pictures include Ruby Hall, Cullis Wade Depot, Colvard Union, The Junction, the loop road around campus and the Ag Bio Engineering Building.

This picture is an artist rendering of the two new state-of-the-art residential halls that are currently being built. Ruby Hall will be ready to be used August 13, 2005, while the other hall will be ready next year.

This is a blueprint Ruby Hall.

This is a blueprint of how a single room will look in Ruby Hall

This is a blueprint of how a double room will look in Ruby Hall.

Each room has an air condition/heating unit like this one.

This is a view of the hallway from the lobby. Note how well lit the hallway is.

Each room will be opened with a card key similar to how they are opened at the most modern hotels. Instead of using a key, the card will be passed in front of the lock to unlock it.

This is an artist rendering of the Cullis Wade Depot. It will include a new 34,000 square foot Barnes and Noble Bookstore as well as a visitors center and a clock museum. The entire building will be over 45,000 square feet in size.

Note the loop road that will be built around the periphery of the MSU campus.

Note the new new green grass area directly below the south side of the Davis Wade Stadium. That is where Malfunction Junction used to be. It will be used as a tailgating area when completed.

The Colvard Union is being added to and renovated. This is an artist rendering of what it will eventually look like.

This is a blueprint of the first floor of the Union when it is completed. It will include a cyber cafe, a food court and a few retail outlets.

This is an artist rendering of the new Ag Bio Engineering Building.

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