Bulldogs Looking Colorful For First Day Of Drills

Maroon may still be all that matters…but as a team the Bulldogs were looking quite colorful as 2005 preseason practices opened Thursday afternoon.

For the start of his second fall camp, Coach Sylvester Croom has added some hues to the Mississippi State depth chart. As has been practice policy for many years at MSU, Maroon is still reserved for the offensive unit and White for the defense. But starting this fall the school colors are reserved for the first teams on each side of the line.

Thursday, the second-team offense was garbed in blue jerseys, while the second defense wore green shirts. Of course there were still a few other familiar colors; quarterbacks continue to wear lose-your-scholarship-if-hit red, players sufficiently recovered from injuries to practice wear yellow, and those too hurt to work have numberless white shirts with red crosses.

For Thursday, flanker Will Prosser (foot fracture) and linebacker Gabe O'Neal (left knee surgery) were in red-crosses. In yellow were freshman offensive tackle Calvin Wilson (knee surgery), wideout Keon Humphries (knee surgery), and running back Derek Ambrose (shoulder).

To begin fall camp, the first offensive line (left to right) was Brian Anderson, Johnny Wadley, Chris McNeil, Anthony Strauder, and Avery House. The second unit had rookie Wilson already behind House at right tackle, even in the yellow shirt. The rest of the #2s, again left to right, were James Redmond, Anthony Dunning, Royce Blackledge, and Dio Herrera. The third unit was Michael Gates, Chris Spencer, Johnny Carpenter, Craig Jenkins, and Roland Terry or Erik Watkins. Gates did alternate a few times with Redmond at #2 left tackle.

The first defensive line had two first-team left ends, with senior Willie Evans taking snaps with the #1 unit while Titus Brown wore first-team white but worked with the second squad. Michael Heard was the #1 right end, ahead of freshman Charles Burns. Deljuan Robinson and Andrew Powell were first-team tackles, while Avery Hannibal and Corey Clark were their backups respectively.

With O'Neal out the first group of linebackers had Quinton Culberson in the middle flanked by OLBs Clarence McDougal and Anthony Littlejohn. Backup MLB Brad Horton also wore white, while Carlton Rice and Jamar Chaney—just signed last week—were the #2s.

Kevin Dockery and David Heard were the left and right corners, with Jeramie Johnson and Mario Bobo at safeties. Touted rookie Derek Pegues is already the #2 left corner with fellow frosh Keith Fitzhugh second on the right side. De'Mon Glanton was a backup safety, and in a surprise high school wideout Aubrey Bell was a backup safety.

A full post-practice report will be filed later this evening.

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