Friday Football Practice Report (First Edition)

It's only the second day of August camp for Mississippi State and already a few Bulldogs have earned promotions, or at least a change of jersey color.

First-team cornerback David Heard, who wore blue for the first day, was in a starter's white Friday and still holding the right corner. Defensive tackle Antonio Johnson was also promoted to a white shirt, though he still worked with the second unit. And safety Marcus Evans, a former walk-on, also was given a white jersey to signify first-unit status. There was also a demotion, on the offensive side, as tight end Eric Butler lost his maroon jersey and was wearing a backup's green shirt.

For those keeping a roster at home there has been a change of numbers, as senior left cornerback Kevin Dockery has exchanged the 30 he wore for three full seasons for 4. Nobody was wearing 4 on Thursday; Keon Humphries had that number last fall but in spring went to 9, leaving it open for Dockery to claim. Now 30 is vacant.

As for Friday injuries, H-back Dezmond Sherrod was in a red-cross jersey with a hurt hip flexor. He joined three teammates in the red-cross from Thursday: flanker Will Prosser (foot stress fracture, wearing a boot today), and linebacker Gabe O'Neal (July knee surgery). Still in yellow shirts, allowed to practice full-speed in non-contact days, were OT Calvin Wilson (knee), running back Derek Ambrose (illness), and wideout Humphries (summer knee surgery).

There were no changes in the first offensive line which ran, left to right, Brian Anderson, Johnny Wadley, Chris McNeil, Anthony Strauder, and Avery House. The #2 unit, in same order, was freshman Michael Gates, freshman Anthony Dunning, Royce Blackledge, freshman Johnny Carpenter, and freshman Calvin Wilson. The third line had Erik Watkins, freshman Chris Spencer, Dio Herrera, freshman Craig Jenkins, and Roland Terry.

Jason Husband was the only tight end wearing a maroon jersey Friday, while Tee Milons is the lone split end in a first-team shirt. He is backed by Adron Chambers, Joey Sanders, and Lance Long, as well as walk-on Rashad Smith. With Prosser hurting there is no first-team flanker as of now; instead Tyler Threadgill, Tay Bowser, and Jamayel Smith along with the yellow-shirted Humphries are all working for top spot on this depth chart.

The first defensive line remained (L to R) Willie Evans, Deljuan Robinson, Andrew Powell, and Michael Heard. The second unit shuffled some during drills; at one point it was Stephen Arant, Corey Clark, Antonio Johnson, and freshman Charles Burns. Later Avery Hannibal was back at second tackle and Titus Brown as a co-#1 end with Evans. Walk-on Anwar Phillips was a reserve at tackle.

With O'Neal out the first linebackers were still OLBs Clarence McDougal and Anthony Littlejohn flanking MLB Quinton Culberson. The second unit had freshman Jamar Chaney and soph Carlton Rice on each side of Brad Horton.

Jeramie Johnson and Mario Bobo remained the first-team safeties, but Hunter joined them in #1 white. Jarvis Kyles, De'Mon Glanton, Aubrey Bell, Blake McAdams, and Jonathan Hill are all working as safeties. At cornerback, Derek Pegues and Keith Fitzhugh are the second teammers.

The first few Friday segements were devoted to special teams work, specifically protection in both punts and placekicks. A number of first-teammers such as Culberson, McDougal, and Horton are working with the #1 punt protect/cover group. Rookies Quinton Wesley and Jimmy Miller were used in this group also.

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