Running Backs Doing Well

Mississippi State running backs coach Freddie Kitchens after the first three days of practice, has been impressed with his running backs.

Although Coach Kitchens isn't ready to name his starting fullback, one player has really made a case for the position.

"I would like to wait and judge the fullbacks until after we put the pads on," said Kitchens," but I will tell you that we are really pleased with Bryson Davis (6-2, 266). He came back in good shape and looks really, really good."

Several other fullbacks are also doing well.

"(Walk-on) Casey Rogers (6-1, 226) has been playing pretty well," said Kitchens. "(Walk-on) Ellis Burns (5-10, 237) has also been doing some nice things. All three of those guys have been doing some good things, but Bryson has really stepped up his game a little bit."

One veteran player he didn't mention was fullback/tight end Dezmond Sherrod (6-2, 245). Due to an injury, he has missed the previous days of practice.

Although he didn't mention freshman fullback Brandon Hart (5-10, 240) as a player in the mix, he has been impressed with what he has seen so far.

"Brandon is vying for playing time," said Kitchens of the Troup County High School product. "He's picked things up pretty well, up to this point, although we've had limited situations with the fullbacks with things that we've put in. He didn't do quite as well (Saturday) as he did the previous two days. But that's because we continue to put more in. Talent-wise, he's exactly what we thought he was. Eventually, he's going to be a good player."

As for the halfback position, senior Jerious Norwood (6-0, 204) has that position signed, sealed and delivered. However, who will back him up?

"It's too early to separate anybody from the others," Kitchens said. "What we are trying to do is find the best, most dependable guy as that number two guy. And the third-team guy is also going to play a bunch. What we are looking for is dependability and availability; sometbody that is going to be there that's not going to be hurt all the time."

Who's in the mix for those two spots? And has anybody moved ahead of the others?

"Brandon Thornton (5-10, 195), Jonathan Lowe (5-6, 180), Demarcus Johnson (5-10, 205), (walk-on) Kentrell Brooks (5-7, 205), walk-on Derek Ambrose (6-1, 205) are all guys that we are looking at," said Kitchens. "Ambrose has been out of practice due to an infection, but he came back (Saturday) and did some good things. All of them are included."

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