Monday Football Practice Notes

Monday football practice notes and news.

  • Uniforms - The players, as they did during Saturday's practice, were wearing shells, which is shoulder pads and other upper body pads.

  • Injuries: Three players wore red cross jerseys during Saturday's practice: WR Will Prosser, Tight end/fullback Dezmond Sherrod and OL Anthony Dunning. Dunning, who suffered a shoulder injury during Saturday's practice, is new to the red cross jersey. Three players that wore red cross jerseys Saturday, OL Calvin Wilson, OL James Redmond and LB Gabe O'Neal, were able to participate in some drills, although Gabe still wore a yellow jersey. Today's practice is the first time Gabe has been able to practice since the spring. The red cross jersey players were only able to watch practice and do rehab work on the sidelines.

  • Missing From Practice: OL Anthony Strauder, who missed Saturday's practice due to a family funeral, was back.

  • OL Depth Chart: 1st Team - LT Brian Anderson, LG Johnny Wadley, C Chris McNeil, RG Anthony Strauder, RT Avery House. 2nd Team - LT Michael Gates, LG Dio Herrera (in place of Anthony Dunning), C Royce Blackledge, RG Johnny Carpenter, RT Calvin Wilson. 3rd Team - LT James Redmond, LG Chris Spencer, C Daniel Kennedy (a walk-on transfer), RG Craig Jenkins, RT Roland Terry. Wilson, now able to practice moved to the secone-team RT. With Strauder back at practice, true freshmen Johnny Carpenter moved back to 2nd-team RG. Six players were wearing maroon jerseys, the five starters and backup Johnny Carpenter.

  • DL Depth Chart: 6 players were wearing 1st-team white jerseys, DTs Deljuan Robinson, Andrew Powell, Antonio Johnson, DEs Mike Heard, Titus Brown and Willie Evans. Brown and Johnson appear to be immediate backups to the starting DTs and DEs.

  • LB, S, CB Depth Chart: 1st Team - OLBs Clarence McDougal, Anthony Littlejohn, MLB Quinton Culberson. SS Jeramie Johnson, Mario Bobo. CBs Kevin Dockery, David Heard. 2nd Team - OLBs Jamar Chaney, Carlton Rice, MLB Brad Horton, Ss De'Mon Glanton, Marcus Evans, CBs Derek Pegues, Keith Fitzhugh. 3rd Team - OLBs Fred Akines, Terrence Beaman, MLB Jimmy Miller, Ss Jarvis Kyles, Aubrey Bell, CBs (They gave all the snaps to the 1st and 2nd team CBs). Although Gabe O'Neal, one of last year's starting OLBs was back at practice, he was limited in what he could do.

  • Special Team Runners: Guys participating as the runners on special teams included Mario Bobo, Keith Fitzhugh, Kevin Dockery (now wearing No. 4 after wearing jersey No. 30), Derek Pegues, Derek Ambrose, Lance Long.

  • 2-on-1 Drill: In the two-on-one drill (center-guard vs. defensive tackle), Avery Hannibal received very good compliments from DL coach Brick Haley. OL coach J.B. Grimes was complimentary of Chris McNeil.

  • Board Drill: The offensive line was once again impressive during the board drill (also called the Oklahoma Drill). For the first time, true freshman OL Calvin Wilson was able to participate. Although he only won 1 of 3, two were against Willie Evans. He won 1 of 2 against Evans. OL that did well - Anthony Strauder, Chris McNeil, Brian Anderson, Dio Herrera, Johnny Carpenter, Craig Jenkins, Chris Spencer, James Redmond. DL that did well - Willie Evans, Corey Clark, Avery Hannibal, Quinton Wesley, Mike Heard.

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