An Update From DE Titus Brown

Sophomore Titus Brown was moved from linebacker to defensive end last spring. He talked about how he now feels at the D-End position as well as how the rest of the D-Line is doing. And he even threw in a few words about the guys he goes against in practice everyday, the O-Line.

After playing his first year at linebacker, the coaching staff asked Titus to move to defensive end. Titus was happy to do it.

"Whatever is best for the team, I'm willing to do it," said the team-oriented player. "With me moving to defensive end, I feel that brings a lot more quickness and skill to the defense."

However, while he was willing to do it, being able to do it was another story. Especially, considering he arrived on campus as a tall, but somewhat skinny linebacker. He's definitely no longer what you would call skinny.

"When I first got here, I was 208 pounds," said the 6-3 sophomore. "I now weigh 240."

Although Titus feels comfortable with his current weight, Coach Croom would like to continue to see him gain weight.

"Coach Croom expects me to be 260," said Titus. "He said I'm tall and can handle it, but I don't want to gain too quickly by eating too much. I want it to be muscle, not fat."

While Titus was gaining weight, many other defensive linemen were losing weight. And, according to Titus, it is showing up on the practice field.

"Overall, defensively, we are faster, period," said Titus. "The D-linemen had to report a few pounds lighter. By losing 5 to 10 pounds, that made a lot of difference, especially when you are 300 pounds. Our speed to the ball has gotten better than last year. And we are just out there working hard."

Titus has also liked what he has seen from his two newest teammates, freshmen DE Quinton Wesley and Charles Burns.

"They are young and have a lot to learn, but they are very aggressive," said Titus. "I think Quinton is a better pass-rusher and Charles is a better aggressor. All it'll take to get them better is (defensive line) Coach Haley molding them."

He's also liked another group of players, the slimmed down and much quicker offensive line.

"They have lost a lot of weight," said Titus. "Johnny (Wadley) has lost weight and is doing well. Brian Anderson is coming along and is doing well with his pass-blocking skills. Chris McNeil is doing exceptionally well. Just the whole offensive line is doing well, period.

"And we are going to need them to win ballgames."

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