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Terry High School running back Anthony Dixon, one of the top players in the state of Mississippi, has five offers, including three from SEC schools. Anthony talked about those schools, as well as the others he is most interested in.

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When I last talked to Anthony, he had five scholarship offers, including Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Southern Miss, Iowa State and LSU.

While his scholarship offers remain the same, he told me he is receiving a good feeling from not only those schools, but a few others.

"I get the best feeling from Ole Miss, Mississippi State, LSU, Alabama, Auburn and Southern because they send a lot of letters," said the 6-1.5, 227-pounder. "Sometimes, they send letters weekly. And sometimes, they send them Monday, Wednesday and Friday."

Has he had a chance to meet all the head coaches from the schools that have offered him a scholarship?

"I met (Ole Miss head) Coach O (Orgeron)," said Anthony. "He's high-spirited and pumped. He talks with a loud tone, but I like him. Coach Croom, I just believe in him for some reason. He's kind of laid back. I just like him. (USM head) Coach Bower, they've got a good atmosphere down there. And they've been winning. I talked to (LSU) Coach Hinson and Coach Miles."

Has any coach separated himself from the others?

"I'm getting a good vibe from all of them, but nobody has made a strong impression on me," said Anthony. "They all seem to be pretty down to earth coaches. And they all pretty much want the best for me."

Does he have a list of schools that he's most interested in?

"It's not in any kind of order, but the ones I've been looking at are mainly the SEC schools," said Anthony, who is being recruited to play halfback. "It would probably be Ole Miss, Mississippi State, LSU, Alabama, Auburn and Tennessee. And I like Southern Miss. I really haven't heard of Iowa State, but I've seen them play a couple of times. They had one dude that I liked that played quarterback for them. But I mainly like the SEC the most. Most of the teams in the SEC are from the south and not in the north. I feel I can vibe with those players better than if I went up north. If I feel good around people, that is when I do really good."

He also has several other criteria that are going to be very important when decision time comes.

"I'm looking for some down to earth coaches and down to earth players and a great atmosphere," said Anthony. "I'm a down to earth person. If I can be around some players that are kind of like me, then I think we can jell. When I have a good time, that is when the best comes out of me, because I feel free and I feel like I'm at home."

He mentioned that he likes three SEC schools - Alabama, Auburn and Tennessee - that he doesn't list as having received an offer from. How much interest are they showing?

"They are sending a lot of letters, but I haven't seen a scholarship offer from them," said Anthony. "They all say the same thing; they can't wait to see me play this season."

It has been reported that he is very good friends with Ole Miss baseball commitment Justin Reed. Will that factor into his decision?

"No sir, we are just real good buddies," said Anthony. "Justin and I have been playing together since we were little, but he's kind of distanced off from me since I started concentrating on football more. We are real good friends. I talk to him about every other day. I called him yesterday when I saw his commitment (to Ole Miss) in the newspaper. I didn't know about it."

Speaking of baseball, don't be surprised to see Anthony's little brother, Deshun Dixon, on the sports pages soon.

"My brother made the All-World (baseball) Team," Anthony said proudly. "He is going into the 8th grade. He can play baseball well and he also plays running back. I think he will wind up coming down here to Terry, but some of his coaches have Hillcrest Christian connections."

Deshun's team, the Bandits, recently came in 3rd nationally in the tournament in Orlando, Florida, after being ranked number 1 in the nation for most of the year. In the "I bet you didn't know category", Mississippi State head strength coach Jim Nowell's son, Taylor Nowell, another great young athlete who you will be hearing about over the course of the next few years, also plays for the Bandits.

While those two youngsters' time is not quite here, Anthony's is, so keep it right here for the latest on this very talented running back.

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