Thursday Football Practice Notes

Thursday football practice notes.

  • Uniforms - The players were in full pads during this morning's practice. They will have another two-a-days practice Friday.

  • Injuries: Three players wore red cross jerseys during Thursday's practice: WRs Will Prosser and Keon Humphries, TE/FB Dezmond Sherrod and LB Jimmy Miller. Players in yellow jerseys included LBs Carlton Rice and Gabriel O'Neal and OL Calvin Wilson. Jerious Norwood, who was injured during Wednesday's practice took a off from practice at the request of Coach Croom.

  • OL Depth Chart: 1st Team - LT Brian Anderson, LG Johnny Wadley, C Chris McNeil, RG Anthony Strauder, RT Calvin Wilson. 2nd Team - LT Michael Gates, LG Dio Herrera, C Royce Blackledge, RG Johnny Carpenter, RT Avery House. 3rd Team - LT Roland Terry, LG Chris Spencer, C Daniel Kennedy (a walk-on transfer), RG Craig Jenkins, RT Anthony Dunning.

  • QB, WR, TE Depth Chart: During the 7th period drill, Omarr Conner and Mike Henig received all of the snaps with the receivers and running backs. Redshirt running backs Brandon Thornton and DeMarcus Johnson and senior Derek Ambrose received the running backs snaps, while the receivers included Tay Bowser, Tee Milons, Jamayel Smith (2nd year walk-on WR from Hargrave Military Academy), Joey Sanders, Adron Chambers and Corey Gardhigh. Tight ends included Eric Butler, Britt Cross, Jeremy Jones and Jason Husband.

  • DL Depth Chart: 1st Team - DTs Deljuan Robinson and Andrew Powell, DEs Willie Evans and Mike Heard.

  • LB, S, CB Depth Chart: 1st Team - OLBs Anthony Littlejohn and Clarence McDougal, MLB Quinton Culberson, SsJeramie Johnson and Mario Bobo, CBs David Heard and Kevin Dockery. Freshmen Keith Fitzhugh and Derek Pegues also took a few snaps with the 1st team during a walk-through drill. Last year's starting OLB Gabriel O'Neal, still wearing a yellow jersey, practiced through the entire 7 periods the media is allowed to cover.

  • Kickoffs: Keith Andrews, Adam Carlson, Andrew Gambrell and walk-on Todd McGee (Sr., 6-2, 214, Miss. Delta CC) were doing kickoff duties at the beginning of practice.

  • Snappers: Russell Cook, Anthony Bowles (walk-on freshman from Grenada), Britt Cross, Eric Etheredge (walk-on freshman from Warrior, AL).

  • Punter Rushers: Guys who were rushing the punter during punting drills included David Heard, Jason Husband, De'Mon Glanton, Tyler Threadgill, Fred Akines, Terrence Beaman, Jamaal Johnson, Clarence McDougal, Adrian Griffin, Jonathan Hill, Rashad Smith (2nd year walk-on WS from Hargrave Military Academy. Brother of Jamayel), Jamayel Smith), Jarvis Kyles, Joey Sanders, Corey Gardhigh, Aubrey Bell.

  • Tackling Drill: During the 3rd period, the entire team, with the exception of the QBs, did an 8 minute tackling drill.

  • Student Trainers: During training camp, the student trainers are usually the newbees. This yea that group includes sophomores Adam Wilson, Jake Cox, Mary Bohlke, and Mary Hannigan. Freshmen include Ben Stewart, Brandon Jackson and Heather Fayard. Although they each receive a small amount of scholarship money, they really do this for the love of the game. And they must love it, because Wednesday's two-a-days practice their day started at 5:45 a.m. and didn't end until about 8 p.m.

  • Full-time trainers: Full-time trainers like Paul Mock and Steve Smith usually go from 6 a.m. until 9:45 at night during training camp. During the season, they cut back to a normal 12 hour day.

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