Deljuan Robinson Stepping Up

Junior defensive tackle Deljuan Robinson has really stepped his play up on the practice field and has become a leader on the Bulldog defense, a defense that Mississippi State coach Sylvester Croom thinks can be one of the best in the SEC.

Coach Croom, during a recent post-practice press conference, mentioned how the defense was really kicking the offense's butt. What is Deljuan's take on that comment?

"I don't know about kicking butt, we are just going out there to make ourselves better," said the 6-4, 285-pounder. "The better we make ourselves, the better we are going to help our (offensive) guys."

Does he have any idea what has caused the entire defense to step their play up another notch?

"We are just learning how to play the game full-speed every play like it should be," said Deljuan.

Not only has he and his teammates stepped their play up, but, in Deljuan's case, he's also stepped up to the plate as far as showing leadership.

"I try to be a vocal leader, but the most important thing (to me) is to lead by example," said Deljuan. "If I see a guy that is doing good, I'm going to tell him good job and tell him that we need to do it like that."

A better play-maker, a leader, what else did he need to improve on? What about conditioning? According to MSU head strength coach Jim Nowell, lack of conditioning was something that had been working against Deljuan. At least, until this summer. Jim saw a huge improvement in Deljuan in that aspect of his game. What caused the turnaround?

"It was partly due to not been mentally tough, but really, I just wasn't in shape last year," said Deljuan. "This year, I took some self-pride and told myself that I would get in shape so that I could play the game full-speed, the way it should be played."

Now all Bulldog fans wait to see if the improvement in this young giant translates to the football field. If it does, then better days will be ahead for all those that follow the Maroon and White.

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