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Bulldog Football

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- Sylvester Croom was an icon in Southern society at Mississippi State a year ago. Now, he's starting to feel more like a football coach.
Croom happy to have focus on the field at MSU
Sporting News

A little more depth, a little more offense, perhaps even a quick turnaround with the ball in the red zone and Mississippi State coach Sylvester Croom could rest a little easier three weeks before the 2005 home season opener.
Croom says defense better, waiting on offense
The Starkville Daily News

Senior wide receiver Tee Milons has everyone in the Mississippi State preseason camp taking notice including head coach Sylvester Croom.
Milons off and running in preseason
The Starkville Daily News

STARKVILLE - As hitting and double sessions intensify, players are bound to get nicked up. A team simply hopes to avoid anything major, and it appears that was the case for Mississippi State on Wednesday morning.
Norwood's injury viewed as minor
The Clarion Ledger

Bulldog Baseball

Rafael Palmeiro returned from a 10-day suspension Thursday eager to play baseball for the Baltimore Orioles, yet unwilling to discuss the positive test for steroids that tarnished his name, perhaps forever.
Palmeiro returns, but doesn't say much

The rudest welcome Kenny Rogers received at Fenway Park last night came from Manny Ramirez, who sent a fourth-inning pitch into orbit for a three-run homer. Tonight, it will be Rogers' brother in exile, Rafael Palmeiro, returning from suspension as the Orioles play the Devil Rays at Camden Yards. I'm guessing his hosts won't be nearly as gracious as Rogers' were last night, that is if Palmeiro dares to stick his head out of the dugout at all. Then again, how many fans will bother to show up and greet him?
Raffy and the Gambler

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