Freshman Update

After a couple of weeks of practice, where do each of the true freshmen football players sit on the depth chart?

I have listed each player by uniform number.

  • No. 1 Keith Fitzhugh, Cornerback - Keith is currently running second-team cornerback and has practiced with the first-team at times during practice. He has also practiced on the special teams as a gunner on the punting team and return man on kickoffs

  • No. 3 Derek Pegues, Cornerback - Derek is currently running second-team cornerback and has even practiced with the first-team at times during practice. He is one of several players who have returned punts and he has been a gunner on the punting team.

  • No 8. Adron Chambers, Wide Receiver - Adron is a third-team wide receiver. He has been hampered somewhat due to rehabbing from an ACL injury suffered last December during an all-star game practice.

  • No. 16 Ty Evans, Quarterback - Ty is battling Brett Morgan and fellow freshman Tray Rutland for the 3rd QB spot.

  • No. 17 Tray Rutland, Quarterback - Tray, who has been hampered by a pulled groin muscle lately, is battling for the 3rd spot on the depth chart.

  • No. 20 Jarvis Kyles, Safety - Jarvis, prior to an injury to backup safety Marcus Evans, was listed as the third-team safety. With Evans out, he was moved to the 2nd spot on the depth chart. He has also been practicing on the special teams as a punt rusher.

  • No. 22 Jamar Chaney, Linebacker - Almost from day one, Jamar has played with the second unit as an outside linebacker.

  • No. 28 Aubrey Bell, Safety - Aubrey, who was moved from wide receiver to safety at the start of training camp, is currently running third-team safety. At times, he has played on the second unit due to injuries.

  • No. 43 Blake McAdams, Safety/Punter - Blake is alternating between the third and fourth team as a safety. He is also one of several players trying to win the punting job.

  • No. 52 Jimmy Miller, Linebacker - Jimmy, who suffered a concussion in practice a few days ago, was running third-team at middle linebacker prior to the injury.

  • No. 59 Johnny Carpenter, Offensive Guard - Johnny is currently running second-team guard. He has even taken a few snaps on the first-team due to an injury.

  • No. 60 Chris Spencer, Offensive Tackle/Guard - Chris is running third-team tackle. He has practiced with the second unit due to injuries.

  • No. 72 Anthony Dunning, Offensive Guard - Anthony seems to be solid at second-team guard. He has been held out of practice a few days due to a shoulder injury, but has since returned to his second-team spot.

  • No. 75 Craig Jenkins, Offensive Tackle - Craig is currently third on the depth chart at tackle.

  • No. 78 Michael Gates, Offensive Tackle - Michael, who was moved from tight end to tackle at the beginning of training camp, is running second-team at the left tackle position.

  • No. 79 Calvin Wilson, Offensive Tackle - Calvin is running second-team at the right tackle position. However, he had knee surgery prior to the start of training camp, which has limited his practice time. As of Friday, he was wearing a red cross jersey, which means he can't participate in practice.

  • No. 81 Tay Bowser, Wide Receiver - Tay has been running with the second-team at times during practice. However, he currently has a sprain foot that has kept him from participating.

  • No. 85 Corey Gardhigh, Wide Receiver - Corey, after having to sit out about a week and a half while he waited for the NCAA Clearinghouse to clear him, has come on strong the past few days and is currently running with the second unit. He also has played on the special teams as a punt rusher.

  • No. 90 Antonio Johnson, (Juco) Defensive Tackle - Antonio is running second-team, but looks to be the first defensive tackle that will play when a member of the first-team takes a breather.

  • No. 92 Charles Burns, Defensive End - Charles is running third team at defensive end.

  • No. 99 Quinton Wesley, Defensive End - Quinton is also a third team defensive end, but has played on the second-team at times. He has also played on special teams.

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