Has Four, Looking for Two More

Wide receiver coach Guy Holliday believes he has a good core group of players who have shown that they can carry the load this season.

And senior Tee Milons leads the pack at the moment.

"Tee is having a great camp," said Holliday. "The thing about him is he is bearing the load. Monday, at the end of practice, he cramped up, which tells me he is leaving it all on the field. That's all you can ask of him."

Another player who has stepped it up is sophomore Joey Sanders.

"Joey Sanders is having an excellent camp," said Holliday. "I've been extremely impressed with him. He's a little nicked up, but that's going to happen. There's no day in football when you will be completely healthy."

While those two have shown the ability to make plays, the MSU coaches have two other players that they hope they can count on this season, junior Will Prosser and redshirt freshman Keon Humphries. However, both are battling injuries. The good news is they should be ready to go full speed soon.

"Will started running Monday," Holliday said of his junior receiver. "And we are looking for him to be back at practice next week, which will help us tremendously. We are nursing Keon (Humphries) back to health, but when he's healthy, he makes plays.

"With those four guys healthy, that will give us four solid receivers. But we need to find two more, because we would like to have a rotation of six."

And those two very well could come from a very talented group of freshmen, Tay Bowser, Corey Gardhigh and Adron Chambers. So far, Coach Holliday has liked what he has seen, although he understands they are still freshmen and will have to make the adjustments that all freshmen have to make.

"What we've learned about our freshmen is they all have some athletic ability," said Holliday. "We are excited about that, but several of them need to learn how to play fast. The game is overwhelming to them right now. And you hope that within three weeks time they will be ready."

What if they aren't ready within that time frame?

"If they aren't, then we'll play with what we have," said Holliday. "And I'm comfortable with what we have."

However, don't let his comfort level fool you. This is a coach who is never satisfied. That's part of the reason he pushes his players so much in practice.

"I think with receivers you have to push them because I think they have to be aggressive," said Holliday. "We demand a lot from our guys. It's really frustrating to me when I see a passive receiver. I want them to be aggressive and tough. I want them to carry a piece of the Mississippi State demeanor on the field and that (demeanor) is to be hardnose and knock you in the mouth."

Ultimately, what does he expect from his receivers?

"We demand a lot from our guys," said Holliday. "The key is they have to be perfect, close is not good enough."

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