Baldwin HS coach Jesse Hicks Happy for Nick Kyles

Nick Kyles' high school head coach Jesse Hicks is happy to see Nick, who recently committed to Mississippi State, have the opportunity to sign with them in December.

Coach Hicks has had the privilege of coaching Nick Kyles and his brother Jarvis Kyles, currently a freshman at MSU, during their high school careers. While it bothered him that things didn't work out for Nick at Alabama, the school he signed with but wasn't able to attend due to academics, he's also very happy that Nick will be able to ink a scholarship with Mississippi State in December.

"I'm just glad the kid is going to get an opportunity," said Hicks. "He is such a great kid. He never missed a practice. He was the first one on the field and the last one off. He was a very hardworking kid. He and Jarvis are both hardworkers. He is running hills and running gassers. It has actually made him even hungrier for the game of football. I know, once he gets there and gets going, all this is going to do is help him to become an even better player. It's like anything else, when you have to work for something, you always appreciate it a little more. So, there is no doubt, once he gets going, he will be one of the better football players in the SEC."

Coach Hicks also had great things to say about Nick as a football player.

"As a football player, there is no doubt that he is the best athlete that I have ever coached, no doubt, hands down," said Hicks. "And I've coached college ball and high school ball. He is such a great talent. But when you get to know him as a person, you really appreciate the type person he is and what he brings to your program. He brings so much to the table, you wish you had 10 of him. As for what he will be able to do for Mississippi State on the football field, he will be an immediate impact player. He will be an exciting kid to see play the game of football."

Coach Hicks is not the only one happy to see Nick receive this opportunity.

"I talked to his dad and he said it might be a blessing in disguise because a lot of people wanted them to go to school together anyway," said Hicks. "So, I think things have worked out for the best. As a coach, you want the best for your kids. And, as good a kid as Nick is, he doesn't deserve to be sitting at home when he is probably one of the best wide receivers in the southeast. He deserves to be playing on Saturday and deserves to be in a program where they appreciate him as a player and for his character."

Coach Hicks explained why Nick chose Mississippi State when he probably could have gone just about anywhere in the country.

"I think his brother being there played into it," said Hicks, "but he only took two recruiting trips, Mississippi State and Alabama. He was overwhelmed by State when he went. I think he was kind of shocked that it was just as nice there as it was at Alabama. He came back and talked to me about it. He was very impressed with (MSU head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom and the kind of program he runs. All of my kids are, from him to Jarvis to (highly touted senior offensive lineman) Maurice (Hurt) to (senior defensive back) Carson (Hill). All of them are impressed with Coach Croom and the way he does things."

Speaking of Coach Croom, Coach Hicks is very excited about his two former players having the opportunity to play for him.

"I am glad both of those kids will get an opportunity to play for him because he is going to give them more than just football," said Hicks. "That means a lot to me."

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