Conner Confident About Offense After Scrimmage

Omarr Conner didn't exactly have a long, hard Saturday's work. In fact the junior quarterback put in only a handful of series in the scrimmage at Scott Field. And unlike last week's game-type practice Conner got to run his plays against the #2 defense.

Still in his brief on-field appearances (no use taking silly chances with the starting triggerman only two weeks away from kickoff) Conner showed some of his stuff. He was 6-of-9 nine passing, tossing a touchdown to wideout Jamayel Smith, and directed a field goal drive while producing points in two of his three turns under center.

After the closed scrimmage, Conner spoke to reporters about the day, the team, and the upcoming season.

Q: How do you feel with two weeks left to kickoff?

Conner: I feel confident. Every day is just a learning process, we just have to stay motivated and keep going. We've got a lot of young guys that are coming along, and we're going to get those guys that are hurt back. So right now I feel real good about the next 14 days and getting ready to play.

Q: Everybody knows what Jerious Norwood can do, has it been good to let some younger backs show their stuff?

Conner: Oh, man, it feels good knowing that J-Rock has backups now. Knowing that Jonathan Lowe and Demarcus Johnson can go out there and run the ball hard. Now we've just got to make plays in the passing game, because we know we have Jerious and two good young running backs, it's up to us in the passing game to make plays.

I'm impressed with Jonathan, Demarcus, and Brandon Thornton. All of them run the ball hard consistently. Some days they might come out and bust assignments but the next day they make up for it. Those guys are working hard and I think Coach (Freddie) Kitchens is doing a great job with them.

Q: Coach has said good things about Tee Milons and Joey Sanders, who are some other receivers looking good?

Conner: Today Jamayel Smith came out and made plays. Lance Long has been making plays the whole camp. And the guys are looking up to Tee and Joey, they're out there setting the tempo and how the receivers come to practice every day. All of them are starting to make plays and I'm starting to fall in love with them!

Q: How about some of the freshmen, Corey Gardhigh and Tay Bowser?

Conner: They're young but they're coming along good, Coach (Guy) Holliday is working with them. We're just going to stay motivated with them, let them know we're behind them and we believe they can make plays.

Q: You must like having some linemen getting healthy now.

Conner: I love it. The offensive line came along good today. And I think everybody came out and kept working hard. Coach said come out and practice hard, the offensive line starts the tempo. They came out and set a good tempo and we tried to feed off it.

Q: Do you like being back in school and breaking up the grind?

Conner: In a way I do but in a way I don't. When we don't have school I'm around my coach all day, and I learn more about the offense. But now that school is started you only get to meet when you go to practice, and everything comes at you kind of fast. So right now you just try to take one day at a time and try to stay motivated.

Q: As tough a time as the linemen have had this month, what have you done to keep their spirits up?

Conner: Just be a leader, let them know that I'm behind them. Let them know that the quarterback believes in them, and if I believe in them they're going to believe in themselves. So I let them know that I'm behind them and I've got a lot of respect for everyone in front of me.

Q: Talk about the progress by Mike Henig.

Conner: He's done good. Every day I tell Mike we're the key to this team. And today Mike showed he can throw the ball, he's got a cannon. He executed plays and threw a touchdown pass.

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