Greenwood HS OL Brandon Davis

[Premium article] Gene's Page interviewed Greenwood (MS) High School junior offensive lineman Brandon Davis on April 2nd. Brandon was selected to The Clarion-Ledger's February 11th Top 50 Mississippi Juniors list, one of 11 offensive linemen to be selected.


What is your height and weight and forty speed?
"6-6, 380 and my forty is 5.3"

What positions do you play?
"I play offense but they use me on the defensive side of the ball when we are in trouble."

Do you play tackle or guard?
"Left tackle on offense and nose and tackle on defense."

What do you think you do best as an offensive lineman?
"Drive people off the ball."

What do you think you need to improve on as a player?

Have you set any personal goals for next season?
"Becoming more of a leader on the team. I'm also trying to get my weight down to the 315 to 330 range. I've started running to lose weight."

Did you earn any honors last season?
"I think that I was a member of the All-Region team, although I'm not really sure."

Did you attend any college football camps last summer?

Do you plan on attending any camps this spring and summer?
"No, not really."

Did you attend any college football games last fall?
"A lot of SWAC football games at Mississippi Valley."

Have you attended any college Junior Days this spring?
"Mississippi State's."

What were your impressions of it?
"I liked the atmosphere, the coaches, the campus and the facilities. I was impressed."

What coaches did you meet?
"Basically, the entire coaching staff."

Did any coach stand out to you?
"Coach (Terry) Lewis. He said I would see him plenty when he can visit me. I like him. I like his style of coaching. He reminds me of our coach."

Are you going to attend any of the college spring football games?
"I am going to try to go to State's this weekend."

Are any of your teammates coming with you?
"Bernardus Cooper may come with me. He is a junior running back and defensive back."

Have you grown up a fan of any particular school?
"Not really, I like them all."

Have you received letters from any colleges?
"Yes, (Mississippi) State, Ole Miss, Army, Duke, West Virginia, Florida, Southern Miss, Arkansas, Alabama and LSU. That's all I can remember right now."

Are you interested in any schools at this time?
"I like the SEC atmosphere. I am looking to go somewhere in the SEC."

Do you want to sign with a school close to home?
"Not really, I just want to stay in the south."

Other Brandon Davis Information:

  • Brandon has not taken his ACT.
  • He has attended one of MSU's spring practices.

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