[Premium article] Gene's Page interviewed Copiah Academy (Gallman, MS) tight end Austin Baxter (6-6, 270, 4.8) on April 2nd."> [Premium article] Gene's Page interviewed Copiah Academy (Gallman, MS) tight end Austin Baxter (6-6, 270, 4.8) on April 2nd.">

Copiah Academy Tight End Austin Baxter

<img src="http://www.genespage.com/images/highschool/football/2003/austinbaxter.jpg" align="left" width="127" height="159"> [Premium article] Gene's Page interviewed Copiah Academy (Gallman, MS) tight end Austin Baxter (6-6, 270, 4.8) on April 2nd.


What is your height, weight and 40 speed?
"I am 6-6, 270 and run a 4.8 forty."

What position do you play?
"I am originally a tight end, but played offensive line last season. I will be playing tight end this year."

As a football player, what do you feel you do well?
"I think my strength is in blocking because I have had more experience doing it. I feel like I have good hands. As far as catching passes, I am getting better and better at it each day."

In what area or areas do you need to improve as a football player?
"Although I have good hands, I still need more experience catching the ball. I should get that this year."

When did you first start?
"I started as a seventh grader. I started on the junior high team as an 8th and 9th grader. I have started at every level so far."

What are your personal and team goals for next season?
"As far as personal goals, I want to have a good enough year so that a lot of colleges will look at me. As far as team goals, I'm hoping that we can win the state championship. I really feel like we can do that this year."

Did you earn any honors last season?
"I was an All-Conference lineman and I was selected the Most Valuable Offensive Lineman for our team. I believe I also made the list of people to be voted on as far as the MPSA Most Valuable Lineman in the league. You may want to check with my coach on that last thing. A MRA senior, who was very good, actually won it. I played against him. He was outstanding."

How did you do against him?
"It was a tough night but I think I held my own. I learned things from him. I learned that you can't stop in the middle of a play. I had to keep hustling until the whistle blew trying to block him. Then I had to go to the defensive side and try to get by him."

What college camps did you attend last summer?
"I attended the Mississippi State camp. That was the only one that I received information about."

What did you think about the camp?
"Last year my knees were giving me a little trouble during the camp, so I didn't really get to play that much."

Do you plan on attending any camps this summer?
"Yes sir, I'm currently planning on going to the Jay Novacek Camp out in Texas. He was a tight end who played for the Dallas Cowboys and my coach told me if you want recognition as a tight end, that would be the camp you would want to go to.

"I will go to Mississippi State's camp. I'm also looking into going to a Notre Dame football camp, and I think I might be going to a senior camp at Southern Miss. I also might go to a senior camp at Auburn. My coach might be taking us to team camps at LSU and Ole Miss."

Did you attend any college football games last season?
"I attended the Troy State (vs. MSU) game."

Have you attended any of the college Junior Days?
"No sir, I didn't have any information on any Junior Days."

Are you attending any college football spring games?
"I am going to be at the (Mississippi) State one this weekend but I'm not going to be able to make the Ole Miss spring game. Other than that, I really don't think I can make it to any of the other camps due to things going on at my school."

Did your parents attend a college?
"Yes sir, both of my parents attended Mississippi State."

Do you have any brothers or sisters who have attended or is attending college?
"Yes sir, I have a sister who is at State. You can't tell me I'm not a little influenced, can you (laugh)?"

Have you grown up a fan of any particular college?
"I have always been a fan of State, but other than that I like watching a team like Notre Dame. They have always been in my mind that they are a great college. I also like the way Stanford is looking so hard at me. They have sent me five different letters."

What colleges are you receiving letters from?
"So far, I have gotten one from every Ivy League school. I've gotten them from Stanford, Colorado, Southern Miss, Ole Miss and State. I've gotten letters from Arkansas, the University of Memphis, South Carolina, Auburn, Vanderbilt, Army and Navy. They keep pouring in and I keep sending out transcripts."

What schools are you the most interested in at this moment?
"The ones that I am the most interested in are the ones with good engineering schools because I plan on majoring in engineering in college. I'm looking for a good football team but also a good school as far as engineering goes. The schools that I am interested in are Mississippi State, Auburn, Stanford and Vanderbilt. Actually, I have a little bit of interest in Army and Navy, but I'm not really sure about all that boot camp stuff. I'm not sure I would like that."

Other Austin Baxter Information:
  • Austin is an excellent student who has already made a high ACT score and is 6th in his class, academically.
  • He has attended one MSU football spring practice.

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