Collins (MS) HS Quarterback Kethone McLaurin

[Premium article] Gene's Page interviewed Collins (MS) High School quarterback Kethone McLaurin (6-2, 180, 4.7) on April 5th. Kethone was selected to The Clarion-Ledger's February 11th Top 150 Mississippi Juniors list.


Kethone, what's your height, weight and forty time?
"I'm 6-2, 180 and run the forty in 4.7."

What would you say are your strengths as a quarterback?
"I would have to say my awareness in the pocket."

Are there things you feel you could improve on as a player?
"Yes, I want to increase my speed and strength."

Speaking of strength, what is your bench press?
"At present, I bench press 185 pounds."

That's not bad for a so-called skill position player at this stage of your career. How did you do last year as far as any personal statistics are concerned?
"Well last year I was positioned at receiver and really didn't play that much, so this is my year."

Do you have any personal or team goals for this coming season?
"To try and do the same thing that we did last year, go undefeated and try to win a championship."

What football camps did you go to last summer, and what stood out about them?
"I went to the Steve McNair camp and the Jones Junior College camp. What stood out to me were the things we were taught, the personal instruction we received."

Did you attend any college games last year?
"No sir."

Do you plan on attending any this year?
"Yes sir, Mississippi State and USM."

Have you attended any college Junior Days this spring?
"Yes sir, Mississippi State."

Any others?
"No sir."

What were your impressions of Mississippi State?
"I liked it a lot. It's a pretty good school."

Did your parents attend any college?
"No sir."

Do you have any brothers or sisters who have or are attending college?
"No sir."

Have you grown up a fan of any college?
"I would have to say Florida State."

Any particular reason?
"Yes sir, I just like coach Bowden."

What schools are sending you letters right now?
"Alabama, Memphis, Ole Miss, Marshall, Mississippi State, Illinois and Southern Miss."

What schools are you most interested in at this time and will you tell me why?
"Mississippi State, Marshall and Illinois. I like Mississippi State because I feel it is the best school that is close to home. I like Marshall because of its passing offense and I like their team."

It's really been a pleasure chatting with you Kethone. Thanks very much for your time.
"Yes sir."

Other Kethone McLaurin Information:

  • Kethone said he is doing well in school and is planning on taking his ACT test again with the hopes of improving it.

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