OL Will Rogers Talks to Gene's Page

[Premium article] Offensive lineman Will Rogers talks with Gene's Page about his spring performance.

I was impressed with your play this spring. Talk about how you felt you did during the spring.
"I improved a lot after I came back from my injury."

You played on the second team offensive line as a guard. You even played some first string during the scrimmage today when Michael Allen was out. Do you feel like you caught on pretty quick?
"Yeah, it seems to be pretty simple. I'm just trying to learn the basic package right now. I'm going to get it down."

What has been the most difficult thing for you to learn about the offensive line this spring?
"Run blocking."

What has been the most difficult thing about run blocking?
"Just coming off the ball and catching the linebacker before they get to their assignment."

What do you think you need to do to improve your run blocking?
"Work on my strength."

You have been moved from offense to defense now back to offense. Are you happy where you are now?
"Yeah, I'm very content now. I am working on the second team and look forward to playing a lot this coming season."

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