Juco Kicker Brent Smith Talks to Gene's Page

[Premium article] Juco kicker newcomer Brent Smith talks with Gene's Page about his spring scrimmage performance. He kicked a 57-yarder during the final spring scrimmage.

You kicked a 57-yard field goal during the spring game. I was behind the goal posts and feel that kick would have gone 65 to 70 yards because it was three-quarters up the goal posts when it went through. Talk a little about your leg strength.
"It was probably there in high school but as you mature, your body probably fine-tunes it. And when you learn good technique, then that helps make a difference."

You mentioned good technique. Has Coach Sherrill taught you some things that helped put more distance in your kicks?
"He has taught me some things. I used to have an approach where I rushed it and tried to kill the ball. He has really worked with me this spring to learn to relax and treat them all like they are just extra points."

I believe you have kicked a 57-yarder before. Have you kicked one longer than that in practice?
"Yes sir, we have gone outside 60 and kicked a couple in practice, but the longest that I have kicked in an organized game is 57."

You tried a 62-yarder during the scrimmage. It was a little short. Did you feel like you had it in you to kick it?
"Yeah, I got a little eager and got a little adrenalin pumping. I was trying to kick it for the crowd. I kicked the ground just before I kicked it and then saw the ball spinning and knew I hadn't hit it solid."

When you kicked the 57-yarder, did you realize you had put enough leg into it?
"I did. It felt good. You can ask anybody in any other sport about a sweet spot. I hit it on that one."

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