Avery House: Nervous But Ready to Go

Avery House, during his three years at Mississippi State, has played just about every position on the offensive line, but never as a starter. When MSU and Murray State face off Saturday night, House will be starting at right tackle.

And he is happy to finally have a home on the offensive line.

"I guess it's nice to know that each day I will play right tackle," said the 6-4, 308-pounder. "When they first brought me in, I was a tackle. Then, midway through the first season, they moved me to guard. Last year, I was the backup center. I've been all over the line."

While he's happy, he's also nervous since this will be his first start on the collegiate level.

"This will be my first start and I'm getting a little nervous," said Avery House, who replaced starter James Redmond after he went down with an injury during training camp. "I talked to (starting left tackle) Brian Anderson today. He said he's getting nervous, too, and he's started a bunch of games. So, I figured it's normal to be nervous. All you need to do is get your pads set and get ready. Then, once you receive that first hit, things will work out."

Finally getting that first start has taken a long time for the patient House, but he's glad he will get that opportunity. And he's also glad a couple of his friends will be beside him on the offensive line.

"Right now, it feels worth it," said Avery House. "I'm glad the three offensive linemen that were in my class - Chris McNeil, Johnny Wadley and myself - all stayed and are playing beside each other. That's made it worth it."

However, it hasn't always been easy to stick it out mainly due to lack of playing time. There was a time when he thought about transferring, but he didn't and he's happy he made the decision to stay.

"I thought about leaving," said House. "I talked to my parents and they talked to my high school coach. We thought about moving to Jacksonville State, but I decided I would have regretted it if I had left."

What made him decide to stay?

"The biggest thing that caused me to stick it out was that I made some really good friends and I would have hated to leave them," House said.

What are things he will leave with when he plays that last game for Mississippi State?

"Good friends and knowing that I did stick it out," said House. "I now know if you work hard and try your best and you don't succeed, then maybe it wasn't meant to be. But you have learned to work hard and to always try your best even when things are their darkest."

He also would like to have one other memory to add to the ones that he already has.

"I hope to go to a bowl game," said House. "I've heard they are a lot of fun, so I would like to experience one before I leave here."

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