There is Gas Being Sold in Starkville

I drove around Starkville Thursday afternoon. There are several convenience stores that are selling gas, although it's at the new price of $3.299 per gallon.

All the BP convenience stores in Starkville currently have gas. Wal-Mart was also selling gas, as was the Fastbreak convenience store on highway 182 just north of Stark Road. In fact, when I drove by Fastbreak, a fuel transport truck was delievering a load of gas.

I also spoke to Al Quinn in the Starkville major's office. He wasn't sure where the rumor started about the City of Starkville only allowing gas to be sold to emergency vehicles, because it's not true. If there is gas available, anybody will be able to purchase it.

So, for all of you coming to the game this weekend, come on. But I would suggest, just to be on the safe side, that if you see a gas station or convenience store along the way with gas, stop and fill up.

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