Templeton Discusses Outlook For Tulane Game

Just prior to kickoff of Mississippi State's season-opening game with Murray State, director of athletics Larry Templeton was asked for an update on the status of the September 17 Bulldog game with Tulane. Templeton was not able to provide much in the way of specific information, due to difficulties in communicating with his counterpart.

"I've left some messages, at different places," Templeton said. "I think they have just now made the decision that they are going to play. I don't know that they've thought about where."

Green Wave officials have indeed told reporters that Tulane does intend to begin their hurricane-delayed season in two weeks. It wasn't an easy decision according to Templeton. "I think that there were some serious considerations, that's just from people that I've talked to, that think they had some hard decisions whether to even play athletics."

The obvious question now is, where? And to MSU minds the obvious easy answer is, Scott Field. "We would certainly, if they want to, provide this facility as the site," acknowledged Templeton. "But until we have some conversations I think everything is speculation."

Templeton did confirm that he has spoken with the SEC office about the situation, but whether or not the conference has offered any assistance in arranging the game was not discussed. For their part Tulane is deciding to set up a new 'home base' in Houston as New Orleans is uninhabitable for the forseeable future.

Game-day pondering around Starkville is all over the map in terms of where else the game could, or could not be, held in two weeks. As Templeton said, everything at this end is speculation for hte moment. He plans to discuss the situation with the Tulane A.D. as early in the week as possible, and presumably will offer MSU's services as host team in two weeks.

"But this is a decision for Tulane to approach us with, and we'll work with them the best we can," he repeated. "It's their call. And knowing Rick Dixon we'll have a conversation with that. They just now made the decision that they're going to play, they're trying to see what their other options are."

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