MSU Center Chris McNeil

MSU starting center Chris McNeil talked about MSU's 38-6 victory Murray State.

Although they are a D-IAA school, it still has to give you confidence to come out and defeat them 38-6.
"I was very impressed with them. They played with a lot of heart and played really hard. Starting out, they were right there with us. I tipped my hat to them."

How do you think the offensive line played tonight?
" Like I told the O-line yesterday, we have been the ones that have been talked bad about in the newspapers and how we are the weak link. I told them we aren't a weak link on this team. Because of that, I wanted us to come out with a physical attitude and make people realize that we aren't going to be a weak link.

"I think the protection was good at times. We had a lot of good runs, so apparently something was working right. You don't really know for sure until you watch the film. I know when the twos came in toward the end of the game, they were having excellent surges coming off the ball. And they are a young group. That is a very positive thing as we get deeper into the season and need these guys."

The team walked out in single file tonight. What was the reason for that?
"It was out of respect for everybody that has gone through the (Hurricane Katrina) tragedy. We have guys on our team that have had to deal with it. Even my family had damage. We are probably not going to have power for another month or two. It is a bad thing and has affected the state of Mississippi very harshly."

Talk about the improvement of Omarr Conner.
"I think he is a lot more confident in what he is doing. He is very poised and does a better job with his checks and reads. I think it is just getting older and more experienced. And I think he will get even better as he gains more experience."

Did you get a chance to watch the freshmen offensive linemen?
"I got to watch (Dio) Herrera, (Anthony) Dunning and (Roland) Terry. That was the first time that they had played in a college football game. You could tell they were a little nervous before the game. But I was really excited for them. It was like all the hard work they have been doing finally paid off. As for how they did, I think they did pretty well, but you really don't know until you see what the eye in the sky (the camera) shows."

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