Redshirt Freshman WR Keon Humphries

Redshirt freshman wide receiver Keon Humphries talked about MSU's victory. Keon had two touchdown receptions during the game.

You really hadn't played much football until you got to college. How many football games did you actually play in high school and what position did you play?
"I played six games in high school, the last 6 games. I played receiver."

What sports were you involved in prior to playing football?
"Basketball and baseball. I considered myself a baseball player, but you see how that turned out."

Although you redshirted last year due to an injury, were you able to learn much?
"I learned a lot by watching Tee Milons and Will Prosser. Will is the type person who knew all the schemes, so I could ask him plays and everything else. And I watched how Tee Milons ran his routes."

I noticed a couple of the players joking with you on the bench about a move you made on the first touchdown. What was that about?
"They thought I was going to catch the ball and run the wrong way because I kind of stopped. I knew someone was behind me, so that was why I stopped. In a scramble drill you go toward the quarterback. Omarr made the throw and I broke back on the ball."

You had two touchdowns. Talk about your big game.
"The offensive line blocked well and Omarr (Conner) went through his reads. And it just so happened that I was open. That's all you can ask for."

How important was it for you to come out and have a big game and show the Bulldog fans that you can be a big part of the offense?
"My entire redshirt year I was just sitting around and waiting for this game. When you get your chance, you have to come out and shine."

Coach Croom said you aren't 100%. How close are you to being 100%?
"There has been a lot of rehab. I've been struggling with it through the week. But when gametime comes, that brings out a whole new person."

How much practice did you get to participate in during the preseason?
"I was kind of off and on until the last two weeks. Since then, I've been going at it."

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