Dockery See Tough Task Ahead

Mississippi State starting cornerback Kevin Dockery sees a tough task ahead as his team plays Auburn on the road this Saturday.

Playing on the road is not anything new to Dockery, so he knows it won't be easy to win at Auburn. But a win is possible.

"It's real tough," said the senior cornerback. "When you go to an opponent's home, the crowd is really into the game. And the players come out fired up. But you have to learn to overcome that."

And to make it even tougher, Auburn is coming off a home loss to Georgia Tech after winning 15 games in a row.

"I saw their game last week," said Dockery. "It seems like they aren't clicking right now. They had a lot of yards, but late in the game they had a lot of turnovers. We'll have to jump on them early because they are a good team that is talented across the board."

While playing on the road will be tough, Dockery and the rest of the MSU secondary will also have to deal with the task of facing big, tall and fast receivers. Does he feel their receivers will have an advantage due to their size?

"I don't look at it that way," said Dockery, who is only 5-8, but has a 40-inch vertical leap. "I don't care how tall, big or small they are. When I line up against them, I just see another guy. I'll execute my job the way I know how and just use perfect technique."

Despite not worrying about the height mis-match, the Auburn receviers have gained his respect due to how they play the game.

"Their receivers don't quit," he said. "They excel at all things that they do. You really can't tell when they are run-blocking or going out for a pass because they are going full-speed at all times."

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