Jeramie Johnson Expects An Improved MSU Team

With a Saturday road date with Auburn looming this Saturday, Mississippi State starting free safety Jeramie Johnson doesn't expect the same results as last year when Auburn defeated MSU 43-14.

Part of the reason he expects an improved MSU team is how close it is.

"There is a big difference in this team because we are bonding more," said Jeramie Johnson. "The Croom Room that we have in the (Holliman Athletic Center) has brought us together and has allowed us to do more as a team."

He also expects playing physical the entire game will make a difference.

"We'll play physical and play fast the entire 60 minutes," he said. "If we do that, I think they will buckle before we do."

An advantage that Auburn has is playing on their homefield. Jeramie knows it will be tough facing a hostile crowd that could number 87,000+, but he also knows what the Bulldogs will need to do to offset that advantage.

"It is very tough playing on the road," said Jeramie. "The crowd is trying to make you think you are nothing. What we have to do is not only be physically tough, but mentally tough as well."

Will Auburn having a left-handed quarterback work to Auburn's advantage?

"No, it doesn't make any difference because we have a left-handed quarterback (Tray Rutland) that we practice against," said Jeramie. "And we see how he throws, so it shouldn't be any problem at all."

Does Auburn losing a home game against Georgia Tech last weekend give MSU a slight mental edge?

"Just because they won, doesn't mean we will," said Jeramie. "We don't need to think about other teams pulling upsets. We just need to get mentally focused and play as a team."

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