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[Premium article] Gene's Page interviewed Vicksburg HS offensive lineman Delvechio Ellis on April 3rd. Delvechio was selected by The Clarion-Ledger as one of the top 50 Juniors in the state of Mississippi. He, along with teammate Johnny Daniels, were visited by nationally known recruiting analyst Tom Lemming during Lemming's spring tour of the top players in the nation.

What does his coach say about Delvechio: "Del has good feet," said Vicksburg Defensive Coordinator Robert Erves. "He moves well for a big man. And he is very aggressive. He plays on both sides of the ball (for us). He plays quick tackle (on offense) and defensive tackle. On defense, we only use players that can fly to the ball and Del is one of them. I really feel he can play on either side of the ball (in college) because he has quick feet and runs well. He has the talent to play on either side."


You are listed by Coach Erves as 6-4, 300. Is that correct?
"That is correct."

What is your forty speed?
"About 5.0 to 5.1."

What position do you play?
"Right offensive tackle."

What are your strengths as an offensive lineman? What do you do really well?
"Pass-block and I have quick feet. I am powerful."

What are some areas of your game you need to improve?
"Nothing really. I don't have any weaknesses. I guess my speed. I would like to run a 4.8 or 4.9."

Do you have any personal goals for this coming season?
"To be the best in the state and nation."

What are you doing to achieve such a lofty goal?
"Working hard, working out every day."

You say you want to be the best in the nation. I know that Tom Lemming, one of the top recruiting analysts in the nation, came down to Vicksburg during his spring tour and visited with you and Johnny Daniels. Knowing who he is and the fact that he considers you two as two of the best in the country, what kind of incentive does that give you for next season?
"It made me feel good. It tells me that I must be doing something right."

What kind of team goals do you have?
"We plan on going to the State (Championship Game). We went to North State this past season and lost to Starkville 38-31. We plan on beating them and play for the State title this year. We want to take it a step farther this year."

What honors did you earn last season?
"I made all-county and all-district."

How long have you been a starter?
"Ever since my 10th grade year."

Did you attend any football camps last summer?
"MSU and I went to Grambling and won (the overall) MVP."

What did you think about both camps?
"Mississippi State works you pretty hard but it was worth it. It taught me a lot. Grambling, I had a good time down there too."

Do you remember who you blocked against at Mississippi State?
"The only person that I can say is probably on my level is Johnny (Daniels). He is about the best that I have gone against."

Tell me a little about Johnny. What makes him so good?
"He is really speedy. He has quick feet, real quick feet. He is pretty strong himself. People like to see us go against each other in practice, because they know it is going to be a good match."

How do you do against each other?
"It is about half and half. I have my days and he has his days."

Are you planning on attending any camps this summer?
"I plan on attending MSU, Auburn, probably back to Grambling, and USM. I'll probably go to LSU, too, because they write to me a lot."

Did you attend any college football games last year?
"I went to Alcorn."

Have you attended any of the college Junior Days?
"I haven't attended any."

What colleges have sent you letters?
"Everybody. All the SEC schools. I received a letter from Florida today. That really made my day. I have received letters from Notre Dame, Illinois, Colorado and quite a few others."

Have you grown up a fan of any particular school or schools?
"Mississippi State and Auburn."

What led you to become fans of those two schools?
"When I was younger I used to hang around with the older guys and they used to watch college football games. My cousin liked Mississippi State, so I guess I started liking them."

I know it is very early, but do you have a list of schools you like the most right now?
"The ones that I have received the most mail from, Mississippi State, LSU, Auburn. And Ole Miss has sent a few things also and Southern (Miss)."

Additional notes about Delvechio:

  • Although I don't list GPA and ACT numbers on my page because I consider that personal information that should only be made public if the youngster AND his parents give me approval to post, I do ask for that information when talking to the youngsters. Delvechio told me what his GPA is. Based on what he told me, he should have no problem with his GPA. He took his ACT for the first time this past Saturday. That was the reason he couldn't attend any spring games that day.
  • During my conversation, he told me that Tom Lemming told him that he, along with Donovan Davis from Callaway and Marcus Cohen from Clarksdale, would be competing for the number one offensive lineman in the state of Mississippi next season.
  • He described his teammate, fullback Phelan Gray as "a powerhouse."

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