OL Steve Singleton to Visit Five

Steven Singleton, 6-4, 280, is one of the top offensive linemen in the state of Georgia. He has already narrowed his colleges to five. Who are the lucky five?

When asked who his top five schools are, Steven quickly got to the bottom line by simply naming the schools he will officially visit.

"The visits I am going to take are LSU, Mississippi State, Florida, South Carolina and West Virginia," said the two-year starter. "They are all pretty much even. I wanted to commit early, but I pushed it back so that I can take my visits when I can be there three days instead of leaving Saturday morning and having to leave Sunday so that I can be back for school on Monday."

What will he be looking at during his visits?

"I know when I go on my visit, they will probably tell me that they are the top this or top that," said the level-headed youngster, "but I'm not really worried about them being top this or top that. When I go on my visits, I want to talk to the players and see how the coaches are. I don't think the players will lie to you about any of that stuff."

He didn't mention a winning tradition as a significant factor in his recruitment. How much will winning factor in?

"I'm not the kind of guy that will go to a program just because they win," said Steven. "I want to go to a place where I know there is good coaching and there is a good family atmosphere where the team is really close. (MSU assistant) Coach (Shane) Beamer (the coach recruiting him for MSU) told me that they had a problem with a kid not going to class and that (MSU head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom went into his class and sat in the back of the class."

Speaking of Mississippi State, what are his personal thoughts about them?

"I've never been over there," said Steven. "What I know about them is what I've been told and read. Coach Croom called me before the (Auburn) game. And I watched the game. I really like Coach Croom and feel he is a really good coach. I think that Mississippi State will get better every year because they are a young team. And I feel that is a school where I will get better every year."

And, based on the time MSU called him on September 1st, the first day college coaches could call recruits, it's obvious State thinks very, very highly of this very talented youngster.

"The first school that called me was Mississippi State, at 7 in the morning," said Steven. "I was already at school, because school starts at 7:30, but it was 6 o'clock their time, so that was pretty early for them."

And MSU wasn't the only school that contacted him that first day.

"Florida text messaged me at 12 o'clock that morning," he said. "They said they were going to call me later on, which they did. And Maryland, West Virginia, Louisville, LSU all called me. A lot of schools called me. My phone was blowing up non-stop."

While his size is probably the main thing that has drawn the interest of colleges, Steven's thirst for knowledge appears to also be a factor in the heavy interest he is receiving.

"I work on my fundamentals the entire practice," said Steven. "I care so much about my fundamentals that I talk to my coach about them all the time. I even stay after practice with him and work on my fundamentals. You can scheme all day, but the fundamentals and effort is what will win a game."

And it appears it is paying off, not just on the recruiting front, but on the field of play as well.

"My season average (blocking percentage), so far, is 96%," said the 17-year old. "We've played four games and have won all four. My highest (grade) has been 97 or 98. I have 20 pancakes. I have a lot of knockdowns, but we don't count those. We only count them if we fall on top of them."

Considering he became a starter his junior season, that type of grade is a little shocking. But, then again, you have to look at who kept him off the field his first two years.

"I have only been a starter since last year," he explained. "My freshman and sophomore years, I had either Trey Chandler (now at Georgia) and Neil Brown (now at Auburn) in front of me, so I didn't play that much."

Well, he's definitely getting all the playing time that he wants now. And he will continue that on the next level. Who with is the only question mark.

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