Practice Report: September 19th

Mississippi State practice update for the 19th of September.

  • Several players were either in red cross jerseys or yellow jerseys during yesterday's practice: Red Cross - TE Dezmond Sherrod, LB Clarence McDougal, WR Will Prosser. Yellow - TE Jason Husband. Backup RB Derek Ambrose will have an MRI on his knee Tuesday. Preliminary indications are it may be an ACL injury and that he could be out for the rest of the season.
  • The first team defense consisted of DEs Willie Evans and Mike Heard, DTs Andrew Powell and Deljuan Robinson, LBs Anthony Littlejohn, Quinton Culberson and Gabe O'Neal, Ss Mario Bobo and Jeramie Johnson, and CBs Kevin Dockery and David Heard. Their backups were DTs Corey Clark and Antonio Johnson, DEs Charles Burns and Titus Brown, LBs Jamar Chaney, Brad Horton and Carlton Rice, Ss De'Mon Glanton and Marcus Evans, and CBs Keith Fitzhugh and Derek Pegues. It also looks like true freshman LB Jimmy Miller, who was working with the main defensive unit, may be moving up the depth chart and could play this season if he continues to progress.
  • The first team offensive unit included OTs Avery House and Brian Anderson, OGs Anthony Strauder and Johnny Wadley, C Chris McNeil, QB Omarr Conner, TE Eric Butler, TB Jerious Norwood, FB Bryson Davis, WRs Tee Milons and Keon Humphries. Backing them up were OTs Calvin Wilson and Michael Gates, OGs Anthony Dunning, Johnny Carpenter and Dio Herrera, C Royce Blackledge, QB Michael Hening, TE Jeremy Jones, TB Jonathan Lowe, FB Casey Rogers, WRs Joey Sanders and Lance Long.
  • OL Calvin Wilson and Johnny Carpenter practiced with the first unit at times. OL Anthony Dunning and Dio Herrera alternated at second unit right guard, while OL Calvin Wilson and Roland Terry rotated at second unit right tackle.
  • MSU head baseball coach Ron Polk attended the early portion of practice to check on two players that will be trying out for his baseball team in the spring, true freshmen Adron Chambers, a wide receiver who is redshirting, and Blake McAdams, MSU's starting punter. Both players were outstanding high school baseball players.

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