Clarksdale HS DB Trumaine McBride

[Premium article] Gene's Page interviewed Clarksdale HS DB/WB Trumaine McBride April 7th. Trumaine was selected by The Clarion-Ledger as one of the top 50 Juniors in the state of Mississippi. He, along with his teammates Fernando Matthews and Marcus Cohen, were also visited by nationally known recruiting analyst Tom Lemming on Lemming's spring tour of the top players in the nation.

What does his coach say about Trumaine: "We have had a lot of good corners and DBs come out of this area," said Clarksdale HS head football coach Jim Hughes. "He has got to be one of the best to come out of Clarksdale High .. has all the tools .. extremely smart ... an honor roll student ... a leader for us ... no fear in him ... real good football instincts ... great moves on the football field ... a good tackler and a tremendous cover corner ... started as a sophomore ... played cornerback for us even back then."

What is your height, weight and forty speed?
"5-10, 175. I'm not really sure about my forty speed because I haven't checked it lately."

What positions do you play?
"I play wingback and cornerback."

Your coach mentioned that you started at cornerback when you were a sophomore. Did you played cornerback before your 10th grade season?
"I have been playing it since the 9th grade."

What do you consider your strengths as a football player? What makes you a good wingback and a cornerback?
"My offensive line makes me a good wingback. I guess it is also my patience on the field. I let the game come to me. I don't go out looking to shine. I consider myself a team player."

Isn't another of your strengths your quickness?
"Yes sir, a lot of folks say I have excellent game speed."

As a cornerback, do you also feel your quickness is one of your strengths at that position?
"Yes sir. I like to play a lot of man to man. I think I am a good man to man corner."

Your coach also said you are a very smart player on the field.
"I feel I am intelligent on the field because I anticipate a lot of things. It is just natural for me."

Do you feel it is natural to you because you have been playing cornerback for so long?
"Yes sir, that is what I think it is because everything comes natural for me on the field."

Would you consider yourself one of the leaders on the field?
"Yes sir, I feel a lot of people look up to me because I am one of the seniors on the field."

We've talked about your strengths. What areas of your game do you feel you need to work on?
"I think mostly my weight. I'm not really that big. I think everything else is alright."

What were your personal stats last season as a wingback and cornerback?
"I believe I had 792 rushing yards and averaged 12.3 yards per carry. Receiving, I had 20 catches for 320 yards and I think 6 touchdowns. On defense, I had 40 tackles and 5 interceptions. I may have had 4 interceptions. I'm not really sure."

What personal goals do you have for next season?
"I want to be a (Clarion-Ledger) Dandy Dozen. That has been one of my goals since I was a 9th grader."

I saw another interview where you said a goal of yours is to defeat South Panola HS. Is that another personal goal of yours?
"Yes sir, although I would consider that more of a team goal because they are a big rival of ours."

What are your other team goals?
"To go back to the State (Championship game)."

What honors did you earn last season?
"I made The Clarion-Ledger's second team All-State."

What football camps did you attend last season?
"I attended one and that was the Ole Miss camp."

Have you decided what camps you will attend this summer?
"I'm not sure right now, but I plan on attending a lot of them."

Did you attend any college games last season?
"I went to the Ole Miss against Arkansas game."

Have you attended any Junior Days this spring?
"No sir."

You took your ACT test this past weekend so you didn't get to attend any of the spring games this past Saturday, did you?
"No sir."

That was a bad time to have the spring game, wasn't it?
"Yes sir, it was, because I really wanted to go to Mississippi State."

Have your parents attended a college?
"My mother went to Mississippi Valley."

If you have any brothers or sisters, do or have they attended college?
"My sister went to Delta State and my brother is currently attending Coahoma Community College."

Have you grown up a fan of any particular college?
"When I was younger I was a real big basketball fan."

What team did you pull for?

Do you play basketball?
"Yes sir."

What position do you play, center?
"[Laugh) I am the point guard."

Do you plan on playing both sports in college or still with football?
"It is definitely football."

You were a fan of Memphis in basketball. Did you grown up a fan of any college in football?
"No sir."

What schools are sending you letters?
"Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Auburn, West Virginia, Florida, South Carolina...there are so many it is hard to think of them all."

Has it been an ego boost receiving so many letters from so many great schools?
"Not really. I don't let them get to my head. I just read them and put them away. I know that I still have a year left and I have to stay on top of my game."

I know it is very early in the recruiting process, but have you thought about what schools you are interested in at this time?
"There is not really one, but I like State, Ole Miss, Florida, and Alabama."

That about does it, Trumaine. I really appreciate you taking time to talk to me.

Additional info:

  • Trumaine runs in the 4.5 range in the forty according to his coach.
  • Trumaine told me that he has been checking my page since the 9th grade. He also mentioned that he has never checked my message board.
  • Trumaine is an honor roll student who made a qualifying ACT score his freshman year.

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