Georgia Game Participation List, Notes

Mississippi State dressed out 78 players for the Georgia game, two less than the SEC limit for home conference contests. Of these 58 got into the game. The participation list was (* indicates starting offense, defense, and specialists; the numbers are 2005 games started-games played.):

CB/ST Keith Fitzhugh 0-4, *LB Quinton Culberson 4-4, CB/KR Derek Pegues 0-4, *CB Kevin Dockery 4-4, LB Gabe O'Neal 0-4, *S Demario Bobo 4-4, *WR Keon Humphries 3-4, KR Jonathan Lowe 0-4, *WR Will Prosser 3-4, *HB Jerious Norwood 4-4, ST Jamaal Johnson 0-4, *QB Omar Conner 4-4, ST Marcus Evans 0-4, ST Brett Morgan 0-4, *WR Tee Milons 3-4, ST/LB Jamar Chaney 0-4, *CB David Heard 4-4, ST Leron Yarbrough 0-4, ST Brandon Thornton 0-4, ST Aubrey Bell 0-4, *LB Clarence McDougal 4-4, ST Casey Rogers 0-4, ST Carlton Rice 0-4, ST/RB Demarcus Johnson 0-3, *S Jeramie Johnson 4-4, ST Brandon Hart 0-3, *DE Willie Evans 4-4, ST Fred Akines 0-4, FB Bryson Davis 2-4, ST/S Jonathan Hill 0-4, *P Blake McAdams 4-4, ST Brad Horton 0-4, ST/S De'Mon Glanton 0-4, *KO/PK Keith Andrews 4-4, ST Dezmond Sherrod 0-4, ST Terrence Beaman 0-4, *C Chris McNeil 4-4, DT Avery Hannibal 0-4, ST Jimmy Miller 0-1, *G Anthony Strauder 4-4, DE Titus Brown 0-4, *T Brian Anderson 4-4, *LB Anthony Littlejohn 4-4, *DE Michael Heard 4-4, *SN Russell Cook 4-4, *G Johnny Wadley 4-4, *T Avery House 4-4, G Anthony Dunning 0-4, T Calvin Wilson 0-1, ST Joey Sanders 0-4, ST Jeremy Jones 1-4, WR/ST Lance Long 0-3, *TE Eric Butler 3-4, DT Antonio Johnson 0-4, DE Charles Burns 0-4, *DT Andrew Powell 4-4, DT Corey Clark 0-4, *DT Deljuan Robinson 4-4.

*The 20 dressed players who did not participate were: QB Michael Henig, QB Tray Rutland, DB Grailen Johnson, RB Kentrel Brooks, FB Taurus Young, K Adam Carlson, P Brooks Crabtree, S Adrian Griffin, DB Justin Williams, OG Johnny Carpenter, LB Carvel Jones, G Dio Herrera, C Royce Blackledge, T Michael Gates, SN Britt Cross, WR Tyler Threadgill, WR Jamayel Smith, DL Jeremy Jack, DT Marckell McKinley, DE Quinton Wesley.

*New starters from last week were: SE Tee Milons in place of Lance Long; and WR Keon Humphries in place of FB Bryson Davis.

*Two true freshmen saw their first varsity action in game-four. OT Calvin Wilson subbed in at right tackle during the first quarter and alternated thereafter with Avery House. And LB Jimmy Miller saw duty on special teams.

*Players in game-four who did not play in game-three were: RB Brandon Thornton, Wilson, Miller, RB Demarcus Johnson.

*Players dressed out this week who did not make the Tulane trip were: QB Tray Rutland, RB Demarcus Johnson, DB Justin Williams, LB Jimmy Miller, LB Carvel Jones, WR Tyler Threadgill, and WR Jamayel Smith. This was the first time this season scholarship players Rutland and Threadgill have dressed for a game, and the first time for walk-ons Williams and Jones.

*Players dressed for the Tulane game who did not dress out for Georgia were: RB Derek Ambrose.

*Game captains were: OC Chris McNeil, DE Michael Heard, ST Lance Long.

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