Bulldog Dress-Out List For LSU Game

For today's home game with Louisiana State, there are 76 Bulldogs in uniform which is four under the SEC's limit for home games. There are also three changes to the starting lineup, decided on this morning by the MSU staff.

CB KFitzhugh, LB QCulberson, CB DPegues, CB KDockery, LB GO'Neal, S DBobo, QB MHenig, WR KHumphries, RB JLowe, WR WProsser, RB JNorwood, CB JuJohnson, QB OConner, S MEvans, DB JWilliams, QB TRutland, ST BMorgan, WR TMilons, DB GJohnson, LB JChaney, CB DHeard, RB KBrooks, CB LYarbrough, RB BThornton, WR ABell, LB CMcDougal, ST TYoung, FB CRogers, LB CRice, S JeJohnson, RB BHart, DE WEvans, K ACarlson, P BCrabtree, LB FAkines, FB BDavis, DB JHill, P BMcAdams, LB BHorton, S DGlanton, K KAndrews, TE DSherrod, LB TBeaman, C CMcNeil, DT AHannibal, LB JMiller, G AStrauder, DE TBrown, T BAnderson, LB ALittlejohn, DE MHeard, G JCarpenter, SN RCook, T RTerry, G JWadley, T AHouse, G ADunning, G/C DHerrera, C RBlackledge, T MGates, T CWilson, TE JHusband, WR JSanders, TE JJones, WR LLong, TE EButler, SN BCross, DT AJohnson, DE JJack, DE CBurns, DT APowell, DE SArant, DT MMcKinley, DT CClark, DT DRobinson, DE QWesley.

There are also three starting lineup changes, one not unusual with Milons starting at SE for Long. And with Demario Bobo gimpy with that knee De'Mon Glanton will start at a safety.

But the big news is freshman Anthony Dunning will get his first college start in place of Johnny Wadley. Don't know why yet, it'll come up in postgame I'm sure.

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