Jeremy Campbell Talks Recruiting

Jeremy Campbell, a talented linebacker from Spruce Creek High School in Port Orange, Florida, has started taking his official visits.

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Jeremy Campbell has seven schools calling him on a weekly basis.

"The schools that are calling me consistently are Mississippi State, Clemson, Purdue, Louisville, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Kansas, FSU...that's about it," said the 6-2, 215-pounder.

Most of those seven have also extended written scholarship offers.

"I've received offers from Clemson, Purdue, Louisville, Mississippi State, Indiana and Georgia Tech," he said. "I think I started receiving offers last spring."

As for favorites, Jeremy said, "my favorites are the ones that's offered me. They are pretty much all even."

Several have already lined up official visits or, in one case, already received an official visit.

"I took one to Clemson a couple of weeks ago," said Jeremy. "I go to Purdue this Friday. I want to go during the season to see what it is like during the actual season. I think I'm also going to visit Mississippi State. I don't know who the other two will be, but they will come from the ones that's offered me."

As for what he knows about each school that's on his favorites list, Jeremy really doesn't know a lot about them. Because of that, he's going to base a lot on how he feels after his visits.

"My dad has done a lot of research and he's told me a little about them," said Jeremy, "but it's really going to be how I feel after my visits."

As for his feelings toward Mississippi State, while he's not visited them, he does like one thing about them already.

"I know that Mississippi State's season is not going like they want it to, but they come out and fight hard every game, whether they win or lose it," he explained. "And that means a lot to me and impresses me."

Once he takes all his official visits, what criteria will he use when it comes time to select his future college?

"Definitely the tradition of the football program on and off the field," said Jeremy. "Education is very important to me. I plan on majoring in something in the business field. I also want to go somewhere where I feel at home with the guys."

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