Juco RB Marcus Griffin Likes Three

Marcus Griffin, who plays for Northwest Mississippi Community College, told Gene's Page that three schools are on his recruiting radar screen.

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Who are the three schools that Marcus is most interested in?

"Due to the style of offense that I would fit in, it would either be (Mississippi) State, Alabama or Tennessee," he said. "They run the north and south type offenses. They are going to pound it most of the time."

He mentioned specific reasons why those three are his leaders.

"I would like to have the chance to play with my boy (current MSU freshman) Derek Pegues," said Marcus. "Derek and I are really like brothers. We talk everyday. We've been together since the 3rd grade. Derek has told me it's a good place, but he's not pressuring me to come there. He has said that he would like to play with me again, though. He said I could make a big change in their offense. And I like the way (MSU head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom runs things. It's a good environment with good people. And it's a good school.

"I've been to a couple of games at Mississippi State and Ole Miss. I went to Mississippi State (versus LSU) last Saturday. My team is also coming to Mississippi State's practice Thursday.

"I like Alabama's aggressiveness on the field. I haven't had a chance to go visit their campus, yet, but I know that from just watching them on tv. They coach keeps them going and they keep an O-line. I just love the way they play.

"Tennessee, there is a lot you can say about them. I don't know where to start. They have always been good. I like (Tennessee head) Coach (Phil) Fulmer. I like their players, their coaches, the environment, the stadium. Their stadium holds 105,000 people. I've never had a chance to play in front of that many people."

If he receive an offer from Mississippi State, what are the chances that he will sign with them?

"The chances are pretty high that I will be going to Mississippi State," Marcus said. "They really don't have anybody that is a big threat in the backfield but (senior RB Jerious) Norwood. If I go there and work hard enough, there's an open spot."

Although all three schools appear to be interested, they are, however, currently taking a wait and see attitude as far as offers and official visits are concerned.

"Nobody is really just calling me," said Marcus. "They are sending a couple of letters. Ole Miss, Mississippi State, LSU, Alabama and Tennessee have sent me letters. But they haven't offered (scholarships) yet. They also haven't talked about any official visits. I've got some letters, but I haven't looked at them, so they might be in those."

The reason the schools may be waiting is the fact that they aren't really sure when Marcus will graduate. In fact, even he's not sure at this point.

"I'm going to graduate in either December or May," said the 5-11.5, 225-pounder. "If I keep a B average, then I may graduate in December."

We'll check back with Marcus in about three weeks to find out the latest recruiting news.

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