[Premium article] Brad Steube is a 6-4, 287-pound offensive lineman from Pass Christian [MS] High School."> [Premium article] Brad Steube is a 6-4, 287-pound offensive lineman from Pass Christian [MS] High School.">

Pass Christian (MS) High School OL Brad Steube

<img src="http://www.genespage.com/images/highschool/football/2003/bsteube120-160.jpg" alt="Brad Steube" align="left" width="120" height="159"> [Premium article] Brad Steube is a 6-4, 287-pound offensive lineman from Pass Christian [MS] High School.

Brad, do you know what your height, weight and forty speed is?
"Yes sir, I'm 6-4, 287 right now and I run a 5.3 forty yard dash."

What positions do you play?
"I play offensive and defensive tackle."

What do you feel your strengths are as a lineman and football player overall?
"Well, I have good explosion coming off the ball I think. On the defensive side, I think I do a good job of pursuing the play."

Are there things you feel you have to work on as a lineman and player overall?
"I think I need to work on my strength and footwork and try and develop a little better agility."

Speaking of strength, do you know what your bench press is?
"My bench press is 300, and my squat is 440. The last tine I did the power clean I did 230, but we haven't done it in a while."

How did you do last as far personal stats are concerned, do you know?
"Yes sir, last year I had seven pancake blocks and graded out 87 percent blocking."

Do you have any personal or team goals for the coming year?
"To try and do the best we can do. We lost a lot of key players and that's where we'll be tested. It'll just be trial and error but I think we will do pretty well. In our division we have D'iberville, Gautier, Bay High, East Central, George County, Stone County, Saint Martin and Vancleave."

Have you earned any honors during your high school career?
"I was LSU camp All-Star for 2001 and I won the GENE WUSTOF award at school for best offensive lineman on the team."

What football camps did you attend last year?
"MSU and LSU."

Is there anything that stood out about either of those?
"LSU was very organized considering how many people they had there, probably about 400. They were really just with the players. They had a lot of time for us and knew us all by name and face. They could come up to us and talk to us. Nobody was a stranger.

"MSU has very nice facilities. For the two days we were there, the basics were pretty much what they covered. I preferred the LSU camp, but MSU, although they were pretty good, I didn't feel they connected too much with us."

Do you plan on attending any other camps this summer?
"Yes sir, LSU, Florida State. Then I have five senior camps I'm attending, Auburn, Ole Miss, USM, Alabama and one more that I can't remember."

Did you attend any college football games last year?
"Yes sir, two at LSU and one at USM."

Did you attend any college Junior Days this spring?
"LSU and MSU."

What were your impressions of the school itself, players, and coaching staffs at both visits?
"MSU just completed the new building, the Sanderson Rec Center. Considering the number of the visitors, I would say about two hundred people, I think it went pretty well. It was more like hands off and I didn't feel really comfortable in that atmosphere. At LSU the recruiters came out and they did a little shorter run of the facilities, but it was pretty nice. The players at both visits seemed to know what they were talking about and they just seemed to be having fun being in college. The coaching staffs both seem to have a lot of experience and I think that's important for a staff."

Did you or do you plan to attend any spring football games?
"I wasn't planning to. I'm just concentrating on the camps right now."

Did your parents attend college? Also, do you have any brothers or sisters that have attended college?
"No, I'm the oldest child in my family and I don't believe anyone in our family has attended a four-year college unless it was way back when."

Now have you grown up a fan of any particular school?
"LSU would have to be my biggest one and USM. I like the locations because they are both close by. That is one of the three things that I'm looking at because home is like my safezone. But any southeast college really, you know I'm looking at anybody. I'm also looking for the best education and the best football record. Basically, the best all-around school, pretty much. I'll be happy to go anywhere."

Which schools are sending you letters right now?
"LSU, MSU, Boston College, Ole Miss, Michigan, Vanderbilt, Memphis, Florida and some Ivy League schools."

What schools are you most interested in right now?
"Well, like l said, pretty much LSU and USM. USM, because they're the home team like through my whole life. LSU, because it's a top medical school and I'm looking at sports medicine and kinesealogy. That really appeals to me right there."

Brad, I've enjoyed chatting with you and wish you well.
"Yes sir."

Other info on Brad

Brad is a very good student who has already made a qualifying ACT score.

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