Rick Stansbury Post-Scrimmage Quotes

The Mississippi State men's basketball team held their first public scrimmage Saturday morning. Included are quotes from head coach Rick Stanbury.


What were your impressions of the scrimmage?
"It was typical of where we are at this time of year with such a young and new team. I think our skill level showed well at a lot of spots due to us being able to go and make some basketball plays. We didn't execute very well, yet. But when you have some guys who can make basketball plays, that offsets that some. We do have to defend and rebound better. We have to do a better job in transition so that we can get some easy baskets. Our post defense has to get better. But, overall, it is about where I expected us to be."

What about the play of the young players?
"I don't think any of the young kids disappointed today. As a matter of fact, I thought that the (Delk) twins elevated their game another level. And I thought that Jamont Gordon continued to be Jamont Gordon. I think all of those guys can be special, especially if we can put them in the roles they need to be in this year. I need Charles Rhodes to take that next step and become that consistent player that he shows spurts of. He makes big plays here and there, then he kind of disappears. I have to have him making big plays at both ends. He's one of those guys who has the ability to make a big play at the defensive end and the offensive end. We just have to continue to get him to take that next step."

Wesley Morgan and Piotr Stelmach played well in the scrimmage.
"Both of those young men are playing with a lot more confidence. They are stronger. Everything about them is better. There is no question about that. Wesley gives us great, great leadership. Piotr is getting better as a leader. But just their experience of being around shows."

What's the situation with Michael Boler's injury?
"He hurt his shoulder in practice Friday. I just hope that it's not a season-ending injury. It could be that serious."

How will that affect your team?
"Michael Boler has been playing so well for us. And has been so consistent. His experience was showing. He was making shots. He is as strong as he's ever been. He is a young man who we are depending on being in a role and playing on this team and getting minutes. We don't have a lot of experience on this team and to lose one of your most experienced guys is one of the things we didn't want to happen. We just have to hope it's not a season-ending injury."

Do you have any new information on Walter Sharpe? Will he be eligible
"There is no question about his eligibility. That's just a matter of time. As long as he continues to do what is required of him, which he is doing. Based on how he is doing in his classes, he seems to be in a great position to be eligible, a great position."

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