Practice Report: October 31st

Mississippi State practice update for the 31st of October.

  • Previous Monday practices have normally lasted an hour. This practice lasted about an hour and a half. Other than that, it appeared to be a normal Monday.

  • During the first part of practice, Clarence McDougal took a few snaps, alternating with Gabe O'Neal at one of the outside linebacker spots. True freshman Jamar Chaney also alternated with redshirt freshman Anthony Littlejohn at the other outside spot. During the latter part of practice, O'Neal and Chaney played on the first-team exclusively.

  • When the two first teams went against each other during the latter portion of the practice, the first-team defensive unit included the following players: DEs Willie Evans, Michael Heard, DTs Deljuan Robinson, Andrew Powell, OLBs Jamar Chaney, Gabe O'Neal, MLB Quinton Culberson, Ss Mario Bobo, Jeramie Johnson, CBs Kevin Dockery, David Heard. The second unit was as follows: DEs Charles Burns, Titus Brown, DTs Antonio Johnson, Corey Clark/Avery Hannibal, OLBs Clarence McDougal, Anthony Littlejohn, MLB Brad Horton, Ss Marcus Evans, De'Mon Glanton, CBs Derek Pegues, Keith Fitzhugh/Jamaal Johnson.

  • On offense, the first-team unit consisted of RT Avery House/Calvin Wilson, RG Royce Blackledge with Johnny Carpenter filling in a few plays, C Chris McNeil, LG Anthony Strauder, LT Brian Anderson, QB Michael Henig. Several TEs and WRs alternated on the first unit. Starting fullback Bryson Davis was wearing a yellow jersey due to a minor injury. Starting tailback Jerious Norwood was held out as a preventive measure.

  • The second unit O-Line consisted of RT Calvin Wilson, RG Chris Spencer, C Dio Herrera, LG Johnny Carpenter, LT Michael Gates. The backup QB was Omarr Conner.

  • My Dawgs' Bite/Gene's Page teammate, David Murray, had a chance to talk with QB Omarr Conner for a minute or two prior to yesterday's practice. Omarr, the consummate team player, told David he understood why Michael Henig has earned the number one QB spot. And he also mentioned that he's glad to be competing for that same spot.

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