South Panola High School's Rickey Wright

[Premium article] South Panola (Batesville, MS) High School senior-to-be quarterback/running back Rickey Wright is considered one of the top 50 players in the state of Mississippi by The Clarion-Ledger. Gene's Page's Charles Johnson caught up with Rickey a couple of days ago.

Rickey, what is your height, weight, bench press, squat and forty time?
"I'm 6-1,185 and run 4.5 in the forty. My bench press is 295 and I have a 345 squat."

What positions have you played in high school?
"Quarterback, running back and kick returner."

What is your primary position?

What would you say are your strong points as a quarterback and football player overall?
"I think as a quarterback, the ability to get the play off quickly and to stay focused overall."

What things do you feel you have to work on to improve your game?
"Probably to learn to read the field better."

How did you do last year in teams of personal statistics?
"I had roughly 500 rushing yards and 100 yards passing."

What are your personal and team goals of next year?
"In a personal way, just to try and stay away from an injury and to do what I can to help the team to stay close like a family. Also, from a personal standpoint, I want to continue to play my game as usual, while helping the team to make its way back to Jackson (for the state championship game)."

What football camps did you attend last year?
"I went to Ole Miss and Mississippi State."

Are there things that stood about either camp?
"Yes sir, both coaching staffs were great and I think I got good instruction at the cornerback position."

Is that your position of choice when you get to college?
"No sir, I prefer wide receiver."

Have you played much wide receiver in high school?
"Just my first year as a starter." [His first year to start was his sophomore season.-Charles]

Rickey, do you plan to attend any camps this summer?
"Yes sir, both those same two, Ole Miss and Mississippi State."

Did you attend any Junior Days this spring?
"I went to Ole Miss."

Is that the only one you attended?
"Yes sir, we tried to make it to Mississippi State but we couldn't."

What are your impressions of the schools themselves, the players and coaching staffs? "We were treated real well at the Junior Day at Ole Miss and the camps at both schools. I get along real well with the coaches at Ole Miss. I haven't gotten to know the coaches at Mississippi State too well yet."

Did you attend any spring football games?
"No sir."

Did anyone in your family, parents, brothers or sisters, attend college at any time?
"No sir."

Have you grown up a fan of any particular school?
"Mississippi State, because I like the way they do things. They have a great team, and I like the way things go at practice."

I see, so you've attended practice at State?
"Yes sir, I attended practice last year. I have a cousin on the team, Demetric Wright, and he wanted me to come down there."

So, Demetric is your cousin?
"Yes sir, he's my first cousin."

It is my understanding that you also have cousins on the University of Mississippi team too, don't you?
"Yes sir, Toward Sanford, he's my first cousin too."

That's interesting.

What schools at present are sending you letters, Rickey?
"Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Southern Miss, Auburn, Rice, the University of Memphis, Arkansas, and Northwestern."

What schools are you most interested in at this time, and why?
"Mississippi State and Auburn. I like Auburn because I like the way they run their offense and they have a pretty good team. Really, that's what I like about both of them."

Rickey, thanks very much for your time.

Other Rickey Wright information:

  • Rickey's academic gpa seems to be fine. He will retake his ACT.

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