Anthony Dixon Takes in MSU-Bama Game

Terry (MS) High School running back Anthony Dixon, who has gained over 2,400 yards this season including over 300 against McComb last Friday night, talked about the teams he is being recruited by.

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Anthony has five teams he is most interested in, two of whom he saw play this weekend, Mississippi State and Alabama.

He talked about the things, positive and negative, he saw while watching both teams.

"Of course, both of the defenses were very good," said Anthony. "What I didn't like about Mississippi State is I didn't really see the line open up any holes for (Jerious) Norwood. They didn't really open up any big holes for him to run through. They were small if they did have a hole. He did get to the outside a couple of times. I also didn't really see a downfield (receiver) threat for their team. But I liked everything else. Everything else was cool."

Did the lack of holes hurt MSU's chances to sign him?

"It concerns me because I saw it at the Georgia game, too," said Anthony," but I like Mississippi State, so it doesn't concern me all that much. I still like them. Nothing has changed."

While the MSU offensive line didn't open up any holes, Anthony does like the freshmen linemen and thinks they have good potential.

"I like their freshmen (offensive) linemen Calvin (Wilson), (Michael) Gates and (Anthony) Strauder," he said. "I think they have potential to open up the holes."

What was his impression of Alabama?

"They have the opposite of what Mississippi State has," said Anthony. "(Kenneth) Darby and Jimmy (Johns) had huge holes to run through. And they had a downfield threat. That's what I like. I know what it takes to win. If you don't have that, then you aren't going to win."

Obviously, MSU and Alabama are two of favorite schools. Who else does he like?

"I'm also looking at LSU, Ole Miss and Southern Miss," he said. "Those are my top five. I'm also still talking to Iowa State and Louisiana-Lafayette. And Auburn still calls me on and off."

What does he like about LSU, Ole Miss and Southern Miss?

"LSU has a real good environment," said Anthony. "They also had a (offensive) line that opened up some big holes when I went down there. It also looks like I will have an opportunity to play down there if I did sign with them.

"(Southern Miss assistant) Coach (Jay) Hopson and (head) Coach (Jeff) Bowers told me that they are mainly a running team. I like that about them. I was going to see them play Memphis, but I wasn't able to.

"I like (Ole Miss head) Coach O and the way he is fired up. He is a players' coach and I like that about him. I would love to play for someone like him. I've seen them play on tv and I'm going up there next week. Their offensive line is stable. They are working on them, but I think they have the ones that they want to work with. When I look at Mississippi State, I still think Coach Croom is doing some switching."

Three of his fab five have official visits set and the other two are talking about a visit.

"I've set up official visits to Alabama on the 13th, 14th and 15th (of January), Mississippi State the 20th through 22nd (of January) and Ole Miss December 2nd," said Anthony. "Coach Hinson (of LSU) has talked about a visit, but nothing have been set up officially. Coach Hopson (of Southern Miss) and I have talked about one, but I don't know when. He talked about December 9th."

While official visits are on his mind, Anthony also has another unofficial visit planned, the annual Egg Bowl battle between MSU and Ole Miss. I'll contact him after the visit to get his impressions of the two teams.

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