MSU Commitment J.C. Brignone Doing Well

Defensive tackle J. C. Brignone, a Mississippi State commitment, provides an update on how his season is going and how his life is going.

J.C. Brignone Profile:

J.C., who transferred to Parkview (GA) High School to play football after Hurricane Katrina destroyed his school in Mississippi, was heading back to Georgia from Mississippi when I called him.

"We are heading back to Georgia after visiting Mississippi this weekend," said J.C.

Does he miss living in Mississippi?

"Yeah, big time," he said. "It's hard being away from home. After living there for so long, it kills me."

But the good news is it looks like J.C. and his family will be able to move back to Mississippi in a few months.

"We are waiting on a FEMA trailer right now," he said. "My dad is a general contractor, so there's plenty of work (on the coast) for him. All we need is a place to stay. So, as soon as we can, we will probably move back."

But until then, life goes on. And, as far as football is concerned, things are going well for J.C.

"We just got through with the first-round of the playoffs," said J.C. "Things are going good for the team."

And for J.C. as well.

"I've been doing pretty good on defense," he said. "I think I have 40-something tackles, 4 or 5 sacks and 10 tackles for losses. I think the last game I had 9 tackles. The game before I had 7. I've been doing alright."

And he's done that in just 5 games.

"When I broke my hand, they only wanted me to play offense, so I only played in 5 games on defense," said J.C.

While J.C.'s high school team has done well, his future college team, Mississippi State, didn't fare as well this past Saturday in a game that J.C. got to watch on tv.

"I was pretty devastated," said J.C., of MSU's 17-0 loss to No. 4 Alabama. "I was watching the game and they were fighting tough, tough, tough, then those two little mistakes killed them. Those freshmen mistakes killed then. But in a couple of years they will be capitalizing on mistakes like those. Alabama was the same way (a couple of years ago) and look at them now."

J.C. talked about what it's like going from being a freshman to being a seasoned veteran.

"When you come into a big school as a freshman and play with the big boys, it's hard," he explained. "You are going to make mistakes, but when you get older, you will capitalize on those mistakes because you will get better. It's like that in the real world, too. You start off low and you have to build up."

And that's just what J.C. wants to help MSU head football coach Sylvester Croom and his coaching staff do, starting next season.

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