Blue Chip Running Back Has a Top Five

Alexandria (LA) High School running back Chris Brown looks to have narrowed his list down to five lucky schools. Who are these lucky few?

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They are, according to Chris, "this is in no order, but I would say Mississippi State, Arkansas, Oklahoma, TCU and Ole Miss." He said they are the ones that are calling him on a weekly basis.

Two of those five have already received official visits. The other three will be visited the next three months.

"I went to Arkansas two weeks ago and I went to Oklahoma about a month and a half ago when they played Kansas State," said the 5-10.5, 195-pound super speedster who has scholarship offers from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi State, Southern Miss, Ole Miss, TCU, Tennessee. "I'm supposed to come to Mississippi State January 20th when a lot of people are going to visit. I think I'm going to TCU this weekend. I'm supposed to go with one of my friends. And I think my mom wants to go, but we have to find out whether she'll be able to go. I'm supposed to go to Ole Miss December 2nd."

In the past, most recruits scheduled their official visits in January. A new trend this year, at least new to the south, is to schedule them during the season. In the eyes of a recruit, does it hurt or help a school to schedule them early?

"Well, I'm keeping it like this," said Chris, "I know what happened in Oklahoma and I know what happened in Arkansas. I know how I was treated. And I just want to go to the others and see if anybody can top that.

"It basically comes down to how people treat you. At Oklahoma, I have a friend who played at my school last year and he plays at Oklahoma now. I hung out with him. At Arkansas, they have a guy who played in Louisiana about two years ago. I hung out with him. Both places made me feel like I was meant to be there."

Obviously both schools made a positive and lasting impression on Chris. What about the other three he's going to visit, MSU, TCU and Ole Miss? What are his pre-visits thoughts about those three?

"I went to the TCU Nike Camp," said the 18-year old, who has rushed for over 1,500 yards and 21 touchdowns in 9 games this season. "That's how I really started finding out about them. I don't really know a lot about them, but a friend of mind told me that they are a good school. At our school, we have a lot of people who are from a lot of different places and they talk good about TCU. They are a small school, not too big. While that won't be that big of a factor, it would probably be better.

"Ole Miss came into the picture kind of late. Like TCU, I don't know a lot about Ole Miss other than when Eli (Manning) was playing. I used to watch them a lot then. I think they have a new coach.

"I like what the new coach is doing at Mississippi State. If anybody really looks, they can see that he is doing some good things there. It takes time for everything to get in order once you come into a new program. It's a learning period for him."

Obviously, anybody who reads the sports pages knows that MSU will have a losing record this season. When asked if that will hurt their chances with him, Chris was very straightforward and honest with his answer.

"No sir, that really doesn't bother me because they have young guys," he said. "I've talked to their coach and he lets me know they have some real young guys. Later on, they'll be better."

Continuing, he said, "really, most of all the schools that I'm interested in, except for TCU, record-wise aren't doing what they were expected to do. Oklahoma is not doing what everybody thought they would be doing and Arkansas is struggling."

Very interesting and insightful comments from someone as young as Chris.

While it appears a disappointing season won't affect his recruitment, there is one other thing that he didn't mention during his discussion about each school that could factor in, track. Like football, Chris is a blue chipper in that sport as well.

"I've been to the (Louisiana) State (Championship Track) Meet since my freshman year," said Chris. "I won the 300 hurdles, won the 110 hurdles and won some relays at State. We have a real good track program."

His fastest times in the events were 14.10 secs in the 100 hurdles, 37.7 secs in the 300 hurdles, 3 mins. 18 secs in the mile relay and 1 min. 27 secs in the 4x2.

And three of the schools that are recruiting him for football also would like to see him run track for them, Mississippi State, Arkansas and TCU.

Will that play a significant factor in his recruitment?

"It won't be a big factor," said Chris. "I want to run track, but if I go to a school that wants me strictly for football, I wouldn't be upset about it. The only reason I run track is to help me in football. I just happened to be good."

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