Three Schools at the Top of His List

Corderick Govan, a linebacker who plays for Charleston (MS) High School, has his list of schools narrowed down to three. Who are the lucky three?

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"My top teams are Memphis, Alabama and Mississippi State," said Corderick. "They are in no certain offer. I like all three of them. I'm going to take my official visits to all three."

Those three have offered, as well as one more.

"Memphis has offered me and Alabama and Mississippi State have also offered me," said Corderick. "Ole Miss has offered me, but I haven't heard from them lately, so I don't know what the deal is with them."

Has he set up any official visits?

"I have set up an official visit to Alabama for the weekend of January 14th, 15th and 16th," said the 6-2, 194-pounder. "I am going to set up Memphis and Mississippi State next. Memphis wants me to come whenever my season is over. (Mississippi State assistant) Coach (Brick) Haley hasn't told me the weekend he wants me to come to Mississippi State, but we are going to set something up."

Speaking of Brick Haley, what has he told Corderick that the Bulldog staff likes about him?

"He said they like my aggressiveness," said the linebacker, who is one of 10 seniors on a defense that has recorded 6 shutouts in 10 games and allowed just 26 points. "He also likes my speed to the ball and that I run sideline to sideline. He also said that I'm a good team player and that they like the way I hit the gaps. They aren't worried about my size because they are going to put it on me when I get to college. They've been recruiting me for a long time."

What does he like about each of those three teams?

"The thing I like about Memphis is that I have gotten real close to (assistant) Coach (Clay) Helton. He has been there for me. He has gone to the next level to get me. He has gotten my grades and broken them down, telling me what I need and don't need (academically). It very fun to be around him and talk to him. He came all the way to Humphrey's County one of our games to watch me play."

What about Alabama?

"I attended the Alabama and Tennessee game a couple of weeks ago. It was a real fun game. I liked how the people are down there. They are very involved and take football real serious. I also like their facilities. And (the Alabama recruiting coach) Sparky Woods is a very good coach. Mike Shula, the head coach, is a real good guy."

And MSU?

"Growing up, MSU has always been my college until I got older. I got interested in a more variety of colleges. MSU has always been my home state college. I like what they are doing up there. (MSU head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom is a down to earth person who will tell you like it is. He will get rid of the bad players and keep the good ones. That's what I like about him."

Does the fact that MSU has a 2-7 record hurt their chances with him?

"It doesn't affect me at all," said Corderick. "After this year, that doesn't really count. Next year, it could be the opposite. Mississippi State could win and Alabama could be 2 and 7. So, that doesn't affect me at all. I feel like I could go in and help them turn it around."

Since winning and losing won't really factor into his decision, what criteria will he use in selecting a college?

According to Corderick, "it's going to come down to which school has the best education for me based on what I'm majoring in, will the coaches stick to their word, and is the team like a family and not individuals."

Check back in a few weeks for the latest recruiting update on this very talented linebacker.

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