Co-Lin CC DB Charles McCrea Names His Top 5

Co-Lin cornerback Charles McCrea, one of the top players in the state of Florida coming out of high school, names his five favorite schools. And one school appears to have really stepped up their recruitment of Charles.

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"Mississippi State is very consistent with their calling," said the very personable youngster. "When they call me, we hold conversations. We don't really talk too much football. They talk to me about what is going on, what are my plans after football. I've talked to (MSU Head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom a couple of times. I talk to (MSU offensive coordinator) Coach Woody McCorvey the most out of everybody because I was almost leaning to Tennessee when he was there. He was the DB coach at Tennessee before he came over to Mississippi State. Me and him kind of hit it off real good. He and Coach Croom are recruiting me. I keep them very high in my book. Everytime (Co-Lin head) Coach (Glenn) Davis and I sit down and have a talk, Mississippi State is one of the first schools that I come up with. I talk to Miami a lot. I have been talking to Ole Miss a lot. Memphis has really jumped on the scene. They have been calling consistently. North Carolina State is like (Mississippi) State. I think State beats them out by at least a week or two."

And it's not just the calling that MSU does that has impressed him, but also the letters, or I should say the type letters they send.

"State is sending more personal letters, the handwritten letters, than the others," said the 10.45 second 100 meters speedster. "It feels better when you know it's coming from a coach. In the letters, they let me know they want me to be a Bulldog. I receive letters from Coach Woody (McCorvey), Coach Croom. Really, it's all the coaches. I think I've got one from just about their whole coaching staff."

And they, along with several other schools, have offered him a scholarship. Even in that case, MSU lets him know how important he is to their recruiting class.

"Mississippi State offered me way back in the summer," said Charles, "and they offered me again. Just about every letter, they let me know the offer still stands. Memphis has offered me. Michigan State offered me at one time. I don't know if that still holds up, though. Miami is kind of working something out. They are mostly dealing with my dad, since I'm from Florida. He says they consistently call him. Ole Miss offered me the third week. North Carolina State has offered me."

The last time we talked, Miami was a significant factor in his recruitment. Has that changed?

"When Miami stopped coming after me, I kind of pushed them to the side and started focusing on the schools that really wanted me," said the 5-10, 201-pounder.

Who are the schools that he now considers as his top five?

When asked, Charles said, "Mississippi State, Miami, Memphis, Ole Miss and NC State."

He explained what he likes about each one.

"Miami is another team with a great defense. I played with a lot of guys that's on that defense. We played in the all-star game together. And I'm at home, too.

"Memphis talks a lot about me playing receiver. I like to play offense, too, but I like defense. I'm like a both sides player. In high school, I played more offense than defense. Either way it goes, I really just want to play. I would rather play defense, but if they put me on offense, I can do it.

"NC State is always in the top five in defense. And with (quarterback) Phillip Rivers, offensive-wise, they can put it together if they get the players. I graduated with John Dunlap and I played with Darby. When we all signed there out of high school, they all went there, but I had to come to junior college. Just playing alongside by teammates that I won a state championship with would be a good feeling again. And playing defense for them will give us that national exposure and allow us to show what we can do on tv.

"Ole Miss is a team that is coming up. I love the coaching staff. They have the coach from USC and I talk to him a lot. He is a big guy on defense. I'm a big hitter for defense. And I've seen them play. When they played Alabama, they played a real good defensive game. When I see stuff like that, I kind of get itchy to play.

"Mississippi State has a great defense, great team and coaches. I love them. I went to one of their football games when they played Georgia. I liked the campus. I walked around before the game and watched the tailgate parties. Fans are still supporting them even though they aren't having a winning season because they know one is coming soon. It's bound to happen. The atmosphere around there is nice and peaceful. You can do your work and play football. I watched them (on tv) against Alabama. The defense, just like they did against Georgia, played well. That's a big factor. I've mostly played defense my whole like and I know good defense. And they have a good defense."

As for official visits, he's set up two and is working out the details on the other three.

"I'm trying to work one out with Miami, but I don't know about that," he said. "Right now, on the table is Ole Miss and State. I've visiting Ole Miss the 2nd of December and Mississippi State January 20th. Hopefully, by next week, I hope to have a visit set up with North Carolina State. I haven't had time due to my classes. I haven't set up a visit with Memphis, but we are in the process of doing that."

And we at will keep you updated on who Charles ends up visiting and how the visits went.

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