DE Milton Talbert Has 6 on His List

Hattiesburg (MS) High School's Milton Talbert, one of the top defensive ends in the state of Mississippi, has six schools on his recruiting wish list.

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And who are those six?

"Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Alabama, Memphis and Southern Miss are calling me weekly," said Milton.

What about scholarship offers?

"All the schools that I just mentioned have offered," he said.

Does he have a school or two that have jumped to the top of his wish list?

"My top teams are those six (that have called and offered)," said the 6-3, 234-pounder. "I don't have one higher than the rest because I haven't had a chance to visit all of them. Ole Miss is a school that I've seen the most. And I've seen Alabama and I really like them. It's pretty nice down there. I've got to go check out Tennessee, Mississippi State and Memphis."

What is it about those six?

"I like the excitement that (Ole Miss head) Coach (Ed) Orgeron brings to the team," commented Milton. "I've talked to him a lot. He's a very excited person. And the way he coaches players to play at a high level, I like that.

"I like (MSU head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom and the way he is trying to build his program. He is trying to build his program by doing the right thing.

"I like the way that Tennessee has been dominating the SEC the past couple of years. They are a good team. They've had a rough year this year, but I think they could bounce back.

"I like Alabama's tradition. It goes back to Mr. Paul 'Bear' Bryant. I like how Alabama is.

"I don't know much about Memphis because I haven't had a chance to see them that much. I'm looking into them, though.

"I like how Southern Miss plays defense. They play hardnose defense. And I like (USM head) Coach (Jeff) Bower and (Assistant) Coach (Jay) Johnson and all the coaches over there. I really know their coaches on a first-hand basis because I have been there so much and have talked to them so much. It's like I'm at my home."

The last time we talked he had set up a couple of official visits to Ole Miss and Mississippi State. Any updates on visits?

"I've visiting Ole Miss (December 2nd), Mississippi State (January 20th), Tennessee and Alabama. And I'm debating on whether I will go to Memphis or Southern Miss for the last one," he said. "I haven't set up my visit with Tennessee yet. And I'm not sure of the date with Alabama, but I have set one up."

Will how a team is doing record-wise factor into his college choice?

"If a program is building and I see potential in a program that tells me that they could be good in a couple of years, I look at that," said Milton. "But I do want to win. There's no doubt about it. I'll just have to look into the situation. But winning is a very important factor. You don't want to lose every game."

Has he seen that type improvement in the Mississippi State and Ole Miss programs?

"I see improvements," Milton noted. "Both of those programs have great defenses. I've watched both of them. I watched Mississippi State when they played Alabama and they played a great defensive game. I watched Ole Miss when they played Alabama. They were winning 10-3. Both of those programs could be good in the future. And they are both among my top choices."

Two of his teammates, Charles Burns and Calvin Wilson, are true freshmen at Mississippi State. Will that factor into his decision?

"It won't really factor into it, but they are (like) my brothers and I grew up with them," said Milton. "So, it would be nice to play with them.

"I talked to Charles (Burns) Friday and we had a long talk. He told me what it's like at Mississippi State. He told me how college is different than high school. He was like, 'brother, I would love to have you up there with me.' "

Milton and his current teammates will travel to George County for the first round of the playoffs.

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