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The Mississippi State baseball coaching staff topped off an outstanding recruiting year with the signing of George County (Lucedale, MS) High School catcher Brent Tanner.

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Some might call this Mississippi State recruiting class a dream class. Well, for MSU signee Brent Tanner, it was definitely a dream, not only for him, but also his two older brothers.

"Both of my older brothers went to State and their lifelong dream was to play baseball at State," said the 6-2, 210-pounder, who also had interest from Southern Miss and Southeast Louisiana. "I guess I'm fulfilling their dreams."

What were his older brothers' reactions?

"They were excited for me and with me," he said. "My oldest brother, who now lives in Texas, is a diehard fan. He really egged me on and wanted me to sign."

How did this dream-come-true happen?

"Before last season, I went to the Greene County (High School) baseball camp December 20th," said Brent. "I guess I did really good and it worked out. Phillip Eubanks, who is a former manager at State, talked to the (MSU) coaches about me and they started calling me after the last baseball season ended. (MSU assistant coach) Tommy Raffo called me first, then all of (their coaches) started calling me.

"They asked me to visit and I loved what I saw on my visit. The facilities were awesome. Everything was awesome up there."

Obviously, the MSU coaches saw something awesome in him as well.

"They said they like my attitude, my work ethic, hustle and hitting," said the youngster.

In fact, he did well enough last season to be awarded a spot on the Whitney Bank All-Star Classic junior team. The Classic, which includes two senior teams and a junior team, consists of the top seniors and juniors in the southern portion of the state of Mississippi. Not only did Brent make the junior team, but he earned the most valuable junior award in the classic's championship game (juniors against the winner of the seniors game) after going 3-for 4 with 2 doubles and a home run.

The home run wasn't surprising considering his power numbers last season.

"I hit .396 with 7 home runs, 9 doubles and 43 RBIs last season," said Brent, who played in a park that was 400 feet in centerfield, 375 in the power alleys and 320 down the line.

Who knows, he may have enough pop to even hit a few out of Mississippi State's Polk-DeMent Stadium, a ballpark that I guarantee will never be selected for a home run hitting contest.

One thing that is guaranteed is with the signing of this young power-hitter, the Bulldog coaching staff hit a home run on the recruiting front.

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